‘Traveling’ Couple Finds Puppy On Mountain That Was Covered In Blue Spray Paint

‘Traveling’ Couple Finds Puppy On Mountain That Was Covered In Blue Spray Paint

Traveling couple Wes and Enes stumbled upon a heart-wrenching sight on the side of a mountain: a small puppy covered in wet spray paint and injured. The pup, later named Blue, was wagging his tail and seemed happy to receive their affection. Moved by his condition and spirit, the couple decided to take him to their hotel to give him a bath and care for his injuries.

Once back at their hotel, they gently bathed Blue, washing away the spray paint and dirt, revealing his true coat underneath. As they cleaned him up, they noticed his injuries were minor but still required attention. They made sure to treat his wounds and provide him with a comfortable place to rest.

Blue’s playful and affectionate nature shone through despite the hardship he had endured. Wes and Enes quickly formed a bond with the little pup, deciding to help him find a forever home where he would be loved and cared for. This unexpected encounter turned into a heartwarming rescue, showcasing the power of compassion and the difference a small act of kindness can make in an animal’s life.


While on the side of the mountain, the couple noticed a mother dog and three other puppies that resembled Blue. They speculated that the mother dog and other pups were Blue’s family. Given Blue’s poor health, Wes and Enes knew they couldn’t leave him behind. They picked him up and took him back to their hotel, determined to give him the care he needed.

At the hotel, they gently bathed Blue, washing away the spray paint and dirt, and treated his minor injuries. Blue’s wagging tail and happy demeanor despite his ordeal touched their hearts. His playful and affectionate nature quickly formed a bond with Wes and Enes. They ensured Blue was comfortable and well-cared for, and began planning how to help him find a forever home where he would be loved and cherished. This unexpected rescue turned into a heartwarming story of compassion and the transformative power of kindness.


Blue’s first bath revealed that someone had deliberately sprayed him with ink. Despite his injuries, Blue seemed content to soak in the warm water and later took a nap. However, at 2 A.M., Blue woke up in agony, panting and with a high temperature. The couple rushed him to a 24-hour vet, who believed that Blue had fallen off a hill and was in critical condition. Without their intervention, Blue would have likely passed away.

The vet took Blue in for ten days, providing the necessary shots and ensuring his proper healing. During this time, Blue transitioned from a street dog to a domesticated animal, gradually becoming more comfortable with human care and affection. The couple, now deeply attached to the pup, wished they could keep him. However, as full-time travelers, they knew Blue needed stability and a routine that they couldn’t provide.

Determined to find him a loving home, they turned to Instagram to share Blue’s story and search for a forever family. Their heartfelt posts quickly garnered attention, and many people were moved by Blue’s resilience and spirit. Before long, a suitable home was found for Blue, where he would receive the love, care, and stability he deserved. This heartwarming journey from rescue to recovery highlighted the power of compassion and the impact of community support in changing an animal’s life for the better.


After several video calls, they found the perfect home for Blue with Austin and Tori, who had a one-year-old Golden Retriever named Bogey. After flying from Turkey to Denver, Colorado, the couple took Blue to his new forever home. Though it was a heartbreaking day, they knew they had made the right decision.

Blue’s new family, Austin and Tori, along with their Golden Retriever, Bogey, were thrilled to welcome him into their lives. Blue is now spoiled, happy, and living the life the couple had hoped for him. They believe that their paths crossed with Blue because destiny intervened. Wes and Enes saved his life, and in turn, Blue reminded them that anything is possible through the power of love and compassion.

Their journey with Blue underscores the incredible impact that kindness and determination can have, transforming a desperate situation into a story of hope and happiness. This beautiful tale serves as a testament to the profound connections that can form between humans and animals, no matter the circumstances.

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