Abandoned Dog with Help Note on Collar Found in Cold Field

It’s always distressing to hear about dogs being abandoned. Everyone wishes for these animals to be rescued and cared for. One such case is Princess, an adorable dog found tied to a fence in Polk County, Florida, during one of the coldest nights of the year. She was left alone, terrified, and freezing.

Princess, the dog with a collar bearing her name, was in such distress from the cold that she couldn’t bear to touch the icy ground. Instead, she climbed onto the fence she was tied to, trying to find any bit of shelter. The next day, a local woman found her and was horrified by the sight.

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“She was shaking the entire time, from the moment she was brought in,” said Nichole Combee, who found the abandoned dog.

Combee took a picture of the trembling dog, then released her and took her home. She was shocked to find out that the dog had the phrase “Take care of me” written on her collar too.

Combee realized Princess needed medical help right away because she was covered in mange. When she took her to the vet, she discovered that Princess had more severe health issues. Her temperature was 104 degrees, and she had worms, indicating she had been suffering for a long time before being found.

After being checked by the vet, Princess was taken to Polk County Animal Control for treatment. Once she fully recovers, is spayed, and vaccinated, Combee will officially adopt her. However, the story doesn’t end here. The police are investigating Princess’s background.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

“We are investigating exactly what happened to get her in the situation she is in,” Alicia Mantautou, spokesperson for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, told Fox13 News.

It is heartbreaking to see animals suffer, especially when all they need is a little affection, which they will return manifold. According to ASPCA, 3.3 million dogs are taken in by local shelters nationwide; 48% are adopted, and 20% are euthanized.

To help stop pet abandonment, we can all spay or neuter our pets. Adopting pets instead of buying them can also minimize breeding. Additionally, educating our family and friends is key to raising a generation that respects animal rights and doesn’t see pets as disposable. Hopefully, more people will take Combee’s lead and help out pups like Princess.

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