Julie Andrews: Finding Joy in Music at 88


At 88 years old, Julie Andrews defies age and continues to find happiness and inspiration in the world of music. The beloved actress from The Princess Diaries has transformed her house in the Hamptons into a symphony of songs that uplift her spirits. Surrounded by her favorite show tunes, she immerses herself in the joy of music, as insiders on RadarOnline have reported.


Julie’s love for music is truly timeless and has touched the lives of many. A close friend of hers highlights, “Every moment of her life is now embraced with a deep sense of gratitude for the simple yet deeply touching joys of life.” From laughing with loved ones to the soothing scent of fresh flowers, her days are filled with simple pleasures that bring her absolute enjoyment.

Recently, on her birthday, October 1st, Julie celebrated in a way that was uniquely fitting for her. She was spotted at the Sag Harbor farmers market carefully selecting fresh flowers, radiating in her vibrant aura. Despite leaning on her walking cane for support, her genuine smile warmed the hearts of all, including the photographers.

“When asked about my birthday celebration,” Julie shared, “I spent it surrounded by my loving family at home.” The following day, we dined at a fabulous restaurant for supper. I was deeply moved by the overwhelming number of birthday greetings and kind gestures that came my way.

Reflecting fondly on her legendary performance as Mary Poppins in the Disney classic, Julie spoke with Vanity Fair in 2022. “Working on such a groundbreaking project for Walt Disney and singing the Vaudeville-esque songs of Mary Poppins was truly an unparalleled experience,” she shared. “It was unforgettable.”


Tracks like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “Jolly Holiday” brought back the charm and joy of English vaudeville tunes. Julie remarked, “‘Jolly Holiday’ includes the song ‘Jolly Holiday’.”

Starting with Broadway productions like My Fair Lady (1956) and Camelot (1960), Julie Andrews cemented her extraordinary career in the entertainment industry. Her charisma and talent have remained as enchanting as ever. In recent times, she has captured the hearts of fans by lending her voice to Lady Whistledown in the wildly popular Netflix series, Bridgerton.

When asked if she would physically appear on Bridgerton, Julie playfully exclaimed, “The identity of Lady Whistledown is known, so my role remains solely vocal.” She treasures every second of the experience.

Julie Andrews has not only left an indelible mark with her iconic performances but has also lent her voice to animated characters who live on in the hearts of viewers of all ages. From Queen Lillian in the Shrek series to Marlena in the Despicable Me movies, her talent continues to captivate.


Julie’s life serves as a testament to the power of finding joy in simple pleasures and being grateful for every moment. Her passion for music, vivacious spirit, and enduring talent inspire and uplift us all.



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​​NEW YORK—Standing before a crowd of millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers, members of Generation Z announced at a press conference Wednesday that actress Julie Andrews was problematic, but they refused to explain why. “You know what she did—you just don’t want to admit it,” said Gen Z spokesperson Taylor Collaco, who rolled her eyes in response to requests from those who wanted to know what exactly the Sound Of Music star had said or done to have earned the ostracism of millions of Americans ages 12 to 27. “Yes, that Julie Andrews. Has she been so normalized that you can’t even see it? Yikes. Oh, come on, it’s not my job to educate you.” At press time, Gen Z had dropped a hint that it had something to do with the Genovian monarchy.



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