She searched food for her hungry puppies at the factory, fallen into hot oil, crying but no one help

We are trying to save this mother dog right now!

Tragedy struck when, in her relentless search for food,

The mother dog inadvertently fell into a vat of searing asphalt.

She cried out in agony, her anguished screams echoing through the factory.

This is one of those cases when you feel like screaming out of your voice, swearing,

hating the whole world because this poor soul has been screaming, barking, crying…

and the whole neighborhood for two days besides releasing their soul eats, drinks, rests, sleeps….

And no one to help, no one to lend a hand save this poor dog.

When they called us we heard the dogs screaming in the background!

What kind of people are we, has humanity really died in us,

have we become so selfish that we are blind and deaf to the beings around us,

do we really no longer have a soul?

For two long days, she languished in agony, trapped in the asphalt that had solidified around her.

Her desperate cries for help but no one to answer her pleas.

Throughout her ordeal, her four hungry puppies roamed around her,

their eyes filled with hunger and desperation.

They seemed to understand their mother was in grave danger,

and they circled her, as if begging for someone to come to her aid.

Despite her pain and despair, her maternal love kept her spirit alive.

She’s still fighting strong for life!

The situation seemed dire, as the asphalt clung tenaciously to her,

making her rescue a formidable challenge.

Still, a group of compassionate individuals rallied together,

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the resilient efforts of the rescue team prevailed.

We are on the way to the vet immediately!

We hope she will survive!

Through sweat, tears, and unwavering determination,

we managed to remove most of the asphalt that had bound her.

It was a remarkable feat, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those,

who refused to turn away from a creature in need.

Xray showed lumbar vertebrae burst, an urgent surgery that no one in Montenegro does,

Low temperature, threatens the danger of tar that has penetrated the skin to get sepsis,

They are just ticking it because of the tar that has entered through the anal opening!

Our mother dog survived now but she’s still in critical…

all the poisons were drunk through the skin, it’s a miracle that she’s alive!

Liver damaged kidneys ok low temperature!

Puppies fate will probably not be much different from their mother,

if we do not make an effort to adopt them!

I will also make a separate post for them and ask everyone to pledge to get these babies adopted.

Last night she barely survived, she vomited black liquid countless times,

better this morning, she stands on her front feet.

She has a very bad reaction to the men, in such a state she tried to escape from the technician,

Day 3: We managed to get her cleaned up and bath,

Just to fight it and the organism will expel all toxins.

We hope she pulls through.

There is no life in her eyes, she reacts to every doubt and whine,

she is looking for her puppies who were left alone!

but things are getting better. She is still spilling oil, she has diarrhea,

Zana, when she lifted it, wet a lot of liquid.

She’s also eating, that’s a good sign.

Finally safe, no more asphalt, bathed and cleaned of internal and external parasites,

their stomachs are abnormally swollen and full of fleas and ticks.

Day 5: Thanks to the dedication of those who refused to give up on her,

The mother dog Zana is on the path to a full and happy recovery.

And the eyes though! The eyes!!! What a sweet little girl

Day 6: Mother Zana The diagnosis is a fracture of the seventh body with a ruptured nerve cartilage .

will not walk, but will run on a stroller!

We take a lot of medicines, thank God she’s getting better everyday.

Day 7: All puppies are growing a little and very happy now!

Day 10: With each passing day and the unwavering care and love she received,

the mother dog’s condition improved.

She is steadily getting better, basking in the warmth of a loving environment,

Day 20: Her remarkable resilience shone through, and the scars of her traumatic ordeal began to heal.

She was not only recovering physically but also finding solace,

and trust in the arms of those who surrounded her with care and love.

Sometimes a lot can happen… happiness beyond belief

You’ve been waiting for her for a long time… you work to make it happen…

And it is happening!

Our Zana to Finland to a new family Paula Tohni!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who participated in Zana’s fate… she was born under a lucky star!!!

Adopted into her new family, the mother dog now lives a life filled with happiness,

care, and an abundance of love in the serene landscapes of Finland.

Her story serves as a reminder that, even in the face of the darkest trials,

the human capacity for kindness and the strength of a mother’s love can bring about miracles.

Thanks all for your alway support!


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