A Petite Woman Leaves the Internet Shocked With Her Long Torso

A Petite Woman Leaves the Internet Shocked With Her Long Torso

A young woman has shocked the internet with her extremely long torso and was even trolled by some and compared to aliens. But despite all the challenges that Emmie has to face, she is determined to flaunt her uniqueness and own it, reminding us that our differences can also make our strengths.

She went viral.

The 23-year-old, who is known as @emmielovescows on TikTok, had gone viral with a video showing her body in a brown cropped top and green pants. The video has been viewed more than 35 million times so far, and people showered her with compliments about her unique body.

Her body proportions are one-of-a-kind.

The young woman, who regularly posts clips celebrating her special feature and svelte body, is praised by her followers, and some even suggest that she becomes a model. And although her long torso gives the impression that she is very tall, Emmie had revealed that she is 5’3’’.

In one of her clips, she explained that the rest of her body is not as elongated as her middle part. Adding to that, the influencer noted that she appreciates and embraces all parts of her body and accepts all her features, she noted, ’’I have a long torso and I embrace it, and I love it. But I have short legs and a short stack, I also love that too.’’

She divided the internet.

Despite being a big advocate of body positivity herself, some people online criticized the stunning influencer. One person wondered, ’’Have you seen a doctor?’’ while another compared her to a species of aliens.

However, fans rushed to her defense, reminding that being different is very normal and that our beauty lies in our uniqueness, as one commentator lovingly declared, ’’Every body is different and nothing wrong with that (you own it girl!! Respect).’’

We agree that Emmie is stunning, and we admire her even more for spreading so much positivity and self-love. Iskra Lawrence is another young woman who has decided to celebrate her fabulous body, even though she didn’t always see it that way.

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