Paris Jackson Covered Her Body in Makeup to Hide Her 80+ Tattoos for the Grammys, Here’s Why

Paris Jackson Covered Her Body in Makeup to Hide Her 80+ Tattoos for the Grammys, Here’s Why

Paris Jackson made a stunning impression at the 2024 Grammys with her red carpet look. However, it wasn’t what she wore that caught people’s attention — it was what she didn’t. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson sparked intrigue among fans and observers by being completely free of tattoos, despite being heavily inked, and was questioned about why she chose to hide it all.

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Paris Jackson has been getting tattoos for years. She has lots of different designs, like chakra symbols, quotes from books, and symbols inspired by Led Zeppelin. She even has tattoos that match with many of her friends, like Cara Delevingne, and in 2020 she even tried her hand at tattooing by inking herself in the foot.

At the 2024 Grammys, she rocked a strapless black dress with revealing cutouts, making sure to show off her “magic trick” as all her body art seemingly vanished. But why did the model and singer chose to temporarily hide all her 80+ tattoos?

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Well, the 25-year-old just wanted to try something completely different and unique, and this was the answer. In a humorous reel posted on Instagram with the question, “Why did Paris cover her tattoos?”, the answer was given by a voice-over clip of Kim Kardashian saying a now popular quote, “Because it’s iconic, and I love to do iconic things.”

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Ohne die Tattoos sieht sie aus wie ein schöner Mensch. Mit diesen Bildern sieht sie aus wie die vollgemalte Klotür einer Kiezkneipe.

But she has Cover Fx to thank for the element of mystery of her look. The cosmetics company took the opportunity to prove the quality of their products, and they partnered with Jackson to create the jaw-dropping transformation.

With celebrity makeup artist Tyson Fountaine was at the helm of the makeover, she became almost unrecognizable. In a time-lapse video, it’s possible to see the look come to life and slowly see the tattoos disappear from her arms, hands and chest, making for an impressive before-and-after.

Celebrities always give us their best looks on red-carpet events. However, with how often they attend them, they’re bound to have to get creative in order to outdo themselves. And well, Margot Robbie surely outdid herself. Ever since she starred in Barbie, she’s been recreating iconic Barbie looks in real life, and it’s fascinating to see!

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