Man rescues pit bulls and builds 46-acre sanctuary for them to live

It’s no secret that many people think pit bulls are “dangerous” dogs, but that’s far from the truth. Pit bulls are loving, and extremely loyal dogs, who get a bad rap because of bad owners. One man has set out to help rescue as many pit bulls as he can, he’s building a 46-acre sanctuary for the dogs and it will be the first-of-it’s-kind!

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Jason Flatt is on a mission to rescue as many pit bulls as possible, so he’s building a 46-acre shelter to house the dogs

Paulding County, Georgia, resident Jason Flatt, knows all too well how many pit bulls need a home. The stereotypes placed on the dogs make people shy away from adopting them, so they’re thrown in shelters and forgotten.

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Not everyone is so quick to write off the abandoned pooches. Flatt has set out to do everything possible to help the pit bulls stuck on “doggy death-row” and he’s making a huge difference!

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“Everybody assumes these dogs are like these baby killing monsters. Pit bulls have a problem, a big problem, in every major city. Every pound is full of them and there’s not enough rescues to take them,” Flatt told WSB-TV.

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Flatt’s home is already lined with kennels for rescued pit bulls, but soon, he’ll be able to rescue more in a massive way

Many of the pit bulls Flatt has rescued, have suffered trauma is some type of way. He’s only worried about giving them a safe and loving place, not where they’ve been or what they’ve done.

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“Every one of them has a story. The stories don’t matter. It’s the endings that we look to change,” said Flatt.

With no room left in his house, Flatt has plans to build a safe place for the dogs within the next few years

Most of the pit bulls he rescues have never experienced affection. His team of helpers and he care for them 24/7 and give them a purpose in life with plenty of love.

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The facility he’s creating will be done in three years, and it’s going to be the first-of-it’s-kind as a pit bull safe haven.

It will be a state-of-the-art facility and have all the amenities a pit bull could dream of

Each dog will have a 40-ft area that’s equal parts of grass and concrete. Their area will also be half open and half closed, leaving the dogs every option possible.

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The sanctuary will also have a doggie pool, indoor play area, and a vet area. What more could a dog ask for?

Flatt will work vigorously to find the dogs new homes, the ones that don’t get adopted will be able to live out their life’s with him

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The world needs more people like Jason Flatt! This amazing man has dedicated his life to helping these defenseless dogs, who’ve outcasted by society. To see how Jason Flatt began this journey, watch the video below!


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