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Blake Shelton, the beloved country singer, recently opened up about his deep connection to his wife, Gwen Stefani, and how she has brought faith and a belief in God into his life. In a recent interview, Shelton shared how Gwen’s unwavering faith has inspired him and sparked a profound change in his own spiritual journey.

When asked about the role of faith in their lives, Shelton couldn’t help but praise his wife’s strong and steadfast devotion to God. He remarked, “She has such a strong faith in God. I mean, if Gwen was sitting here right now, she would say God is first, and then everything else. That’s her number one priority, and it always has been. But what’s truly remarkable is that she never imposes her beliefs on others.”

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Shelton went on to further express his admiration for Stefani, emphasizing how much he has learned from her throughout their relationship. He has observed her kindness, how she treats others, and how she navigates through life with grace and compassion. It’s through this shared journey that Shelton has discovered a newfound connection to faith.

Since being with Gwen, Shelton has noticed a transformation in his music as well. He expressed, “I start seeing God in everything, because she does. And naturally, that starts to influence my songs and my music. Before I knew it, I was writing and recording songs about faith and God. I’ve come to appreciate having this spiritual element present in my music.”

Gwen Stefani took to Twitter to lovingly respond to the interview, saying, “I love my husband gx #faith #love #truth #pray gx.” Her words reflect the deep bond they share—a relationship founded not just on love and admiration but also on a shared spiritual connection.

Through their inspiring love story, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani remind us all of the profound impact faith can have on our lives. They demonstrate that finding strength and a belief in something greater can transform not only our relationships but also our artistic endeavors and overall outlook on life.

The next time you see Blake Shelton, you might not recognize him. The 44-year-old country music star recently underwent a major weight loss that was not for aesthetic reasons.

Shelton revealed to his fans that he had recently escaped a significant health crisis after a lot of fans voiced concern about his physical appearance at a virtual concert.

In a Zoom interview, Shelton revealed that in his early phases of isolation, he had developed harmful behaviors such as obsessive overeating, excessive snacking, and excessive drinking.

He gained a lot of weight as a result of his habits, which was worsened by the fact that he couldn’t work or go on tour at the time due to the epidemic.

Finally, the musician suffered a minor heart attack while attempting to complete some housework.

“My lifestyle had become something that was so detrimental to my health,” he revealed in the interview. “It wasn’t until that tightness in my chest that I understood those late-night cheeseburgers and additional beers with my pals were killing me.”

Although it wasn’t a full-fledged heart attack, his way of life was having a bad impact on his health. ” My doctor advised me to lose weight as quickly as possible and permanently in order to avoid further difficulties with my heart.”

After the scare, Shelton knew he needed to take control of his health and make some adjustments. He chose to try the ketogenic diet after consulting with his close friend and colleague The Voice judge, Kelly Clarkson.

The diet requires you to drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake in order for your body to enter ketosis and begin the process of burning fat. Shelton claims that the Keto diet helped him lose weight and that he is now in the best shape of his life as a result.

Shelton is fortunate to have recovered completely from his health scare. In fact, he is in better shape now than he was before his mild heart attack. Many people’s previously good health practices have worsened in the last six months as a result of the outbreak. His story can be a great example for those people.

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Blake Shelton’s Honest and Hilarious Response to Winning the Social Country Star Award

Blake Shelton, the former coach of The Voice and host of Barmaggedon, had a refreshingly down-to-earth reaction to winning the Social Country Star award at the People’s Choice Country Awards. Despite his success, Shelton remained humble and happy about his unexpected achievement.

As Shelton accepted the trophy, he took a moment to reflect on his journey. “Wow,” he said, nodding to someone off-stage. “I moved to Nashville in 1994. And man, I had a lot of dreams.” He gazed at the cylindrical trophy in his hand and added, “This was not one of them!”

It’s worth noting that Shelton wasn’t being cheeky. In 1994, social media didn’t exist, and it would be years before it became a part of our everyday lives. The idea of receiving an award for being a Social Country Star would have seemed unimaginable back then.

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In a lighthearted manner, Shelton confessed, “I don’t even know what this means, but if the fans want me to have it, I’m damn well gonna put it on my mantle! Thank you so much, country music fans. That’s right! That’s right, social media! Yes!” His words were met with laughter and applause as he pumped his fist and pointed to the audience.

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Blake Shelton praised heavily for heartfelt message about late father and brother

lake Shelton shared a very rare personal message with fans over the Memorial weekend as he remembered people close to his heart.

The Voice star and husband of Gwen Stefani opened up in an Instagram post from the Indy500.

Alongside a photo of himself at the race, he wrote: “Thank you #Indy500!!!! What a weekend… wish my dad was able to see that. 

WATCH: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s love story 

#”Thank you @JimmieJohnson for letting him and my brother have a spot on your helmet. Thinking about them extra today along with all the heroes who have served our country.”

Blake’s father, Dick Shelton, died in 2012 after a lengthy health battle and his older brother, Richie, was killed in a tragic car accident when he was just 24 years old. 

Fans sent praying hands emojis and kind messages in response to Blake’s post.


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Blake remembered his late father and brother at the Indy500 

They wrote: “Oh man. How did you handle that without just breaking down and crying? That’s awesome, Blake. What a spectacular honor,” and, “sending love”.

His The Voice co-star and good friend, Carson Daly, also weighed in with a light-hearted but meaningful comment which read: “Finally! You post something with some truth, heart & substance…Thank God! Big step up from your usual ‘pull my finger’ posts…well done dum dum.”

Carson’s message sparked a response from Blake’s social media followers too as they reacted by thanking the country music star for talking about something so personal.

blake shelton gwen stefani smile© Photo: Instagram

Blake is happily married to Gwen Stefani 

Blake offered up his artistic talents to race car driver Jimmie Johnson, by collaborating on a new helmet to honor America’s veterans.

He previously gave a sneak peek at what they were working on when he switched his guitar for pencils and worked with Jimmie and Troy Lee Designs to paint the helmet and bring their vision to life.

Jimmie wore the helmet during the race on 29 May, before signing it and putting it on display and up for auction too.

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