Nick Jonas Shared Tons of Pics From His Vacation, and One Detail About Priyanka’s Body Went Viral

Priyanka Chopra, 41, and Nick Jonas, 30, are proving that they are one of the most solid and adorable couples in Hollywood. The singer shared a series of pictures from his latest summer vacation with his wife and their daughter, Malti. The only thing we might have wished for more is to have been there with them.

They love to keep it real.

The Instagram post, which has gathered more than 4.6 million likes to this date, was captioned, “July was a movie,” along with a red heart emoji. Jonas offered a glimpse into his idyllic tropical seaside vacation. In one image, Chopra is seen wearing a maroon-and-white checkered bikini paired with white shield sunglasses.

What captured the attention of fans in this sweet photo were Priyanka’s legs, which appeared natural, without being perfectly and evenly tanned. This candid picture was refreshing for many people because it stood out from the usual retouched pictures on social media.

A picture-perfect family

And, naturally, their vacation wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of their only child, daughter Malti, who was born in January 2022 via surrogate.

One of the snapshots showed the doting dad enjoying some time on a boat, cuddling with Malti, who was wearing a white onesie paired with a blue hat. In another picture, the happy family were all smiles as they relaxed on the beach, with the actress dressed in a red bikini and baby Malti sporting a white ensemble.

Additional snaps depicted the couple elegantly attending an event. Chopra donned a black midi dress adorned with a captivating blue-and-green floral pattern, while Jonas opted for a plaid suit, accentuated by a coordinating beige tie.

Priyanka turned 41 this summer.

In the latest pics, Jonas revealed how the couple celebrated Chopra’s 41st birthday on July 18th. He captured a large birthday sign adorned with white flowers. He also shared a black-and-white photo of Chopra wearing a “Happy Birthday” headband.

We can’t get enough of this lovely couple, and even though their life seems so perfect now, their love story has been paved with challenges. However, their solid bond proves that true love always rises above obstacles and ultimately wins.

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