Guy Confiscates Starved Dog, Woman Threatens To Replace Her

While on his way to work, a man named Sean encountered a woman who requested his help. Abandoning his original plans, he followed her into her yard, where he was met with a distressing sight. An old, crumbling kennel sat in the corner. Attached to it was a heavy chain next to a dirty water bowl. “Does someone live in there?” Sean inquired, gesturing towards the decrepit structure. Laughing, the villager yanked the chain, and a tiny, frail dog emerged, struggling to stand. The sight of the animal, so thin and weak, visibly shocked Sean. In the dog’s eyes, he saw a profound sadness and a sense of hopelessness.


“Why did you tie up such a tiny dog?” Sean questioned. “So that it sits and barks, guarding my house,” the woman responded nonchalantly. Sean was astounded by the cruelty of using such a small dog for guard duty, burdened with a heavy chain and barely sustained by the minimal care she received.

Despite his experience in volunteer work, this was Sean’s first encounter with a dog so underfed and neglected, particularly one that seemed to weigh no more than a kilogram. The disregard for the dog’s basic needs was evident, not just in its meager diet but also in its physical state—trembling paws and chattering teeth indicating illness and malnourishment.


The woman’s indifferent attitude towards the dog, named Button, reflected a broader, more troubling trend often found in rural settings where animals are kept in poor conditions to make them more aggressive guards or efficient hunters. Confronting the woman, Sean expressed his intentions firmly, “I will take Button.” The woman was reluctant to relinquish the dog, puzzled by Sean’s concern and questioning who would guard her home. After a lengthy argument, Sean prevailed.

As she reluctantly handed over the dog, the woman remarked, “Don’t worry. I’ll find myself another one tomorrow. There are dozens of them running around here.” Sean’s heart broke. Because of the large stray population in the area, he felt in over his head. The only thing he could do was alert other rescuers and explain the woman’s cruelty, hoping they, too, would intervene if she got another dog.


This casual dismissal underscored the harsh realities of animal welfare in such communities, a situation Sean had now directly challenged by rescuing Button from imminent demise. Button will now go on to live a beautiful life thanks to a man who wouldn’t give up on her.

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