Mother Dog And Pups Placed In Zipped-Up Suitcase And Left At Firehouse

Firefighters made a startling discovery when they found a dog and her five puppies abandoned in a zipped-up suitcase outside their station. The incident, which came to light after a call was received on Monday evening, revealed the animals in desperate need of help. Upon finding the suitcase, the firefighters promptly provided the dog and her puppies with food and water and contacted Johnston County Animal Services in North Carolina. An on-call officer from animal services quickly took the dogs to a shelter for further care.


Cleveland Fire Chief Chris Ellington expressed mixed feelings about the situation. “This is a happy ending to a sad situation. For someone to abandon any animal greatly saddens our entire department. However, we’re glad we were able to provide care for these dogs until the proper authorities could arrive,” he stated in a release.

At the shelter, Chad Massengill, the Director of Johnston County Animal Services, oversaw the initial health assessment of the mother and her puppies. “They’re in really good shape considering the conditions before they were left. They’re doing really well at this time,” Massengill reported. He noted that the dogs are currently in isolation at the shelter to ensure they receive the appropriate care and recovery time.


Ellington emphasized the need for proper protocols when dealing with unwanted pets. “After a few days, mom and her pups will be sent to a rescue. You can’t just drop off dogs wherever you want,” he remarked, highlighting the importance of responsible pet ownership.

The case has prompted an investigation by Johnston County authorities to determine where the dogs originated and who their previous owner was. This inquiry aims to prevent such occurrences in the future and to educate the public on the appropriate measures to take when unable to care for animals.


This incident, while initially disheartening due to the method of abandonment, ultimately led to a hopeful outlook for the future of the rescued dogs. The quick response and compassionate care provided by the firefighters and animal services staff ensure that the mother and her puppies are on a path to recovery and will soon find a safer, more loving environment.

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