Traveling Couple Finds Puppy On A Mountain ‘Covered’ In Blue Spray Paint

Traveling couple Wes and Enes stumbled upon a heart-wrenching sight on the side of a mountain: a small puppy covered in wet spray paint and injured. The pup, later named Blue, was wagging his tail and seemed happy to receive their affection. The couple decided to take him to their hotel and give him a bath.

Moved by the pup’s plight, Wes and Enes carefully wrapped Blue in a blanket and carried him back to their vehicle. Despite his injuries and the spray paint covering his fur, Blue’s tail wagged with gratitude and excitement. The couple’s immediate concern was to get him clean and assess his injuries.

Once at the hotel, Wes and Enes filled the bathtub with warm water and gently washed away the spray paint from Blue’s fur. They worked carefully to avoid causing him any additional discomfort, speaking to him in soothing tones to keep him calm. Blue seemed to sense their kindness and cooperation, making the process smoother.

After the bath, it became clear that Blue had some cuts and bruises, likely from his ordeal on the mountain. Wes and Enes cleaned his wounds as best they could and provided him with food and water. Blue ate ravenously, a clear indication of how hungry he was.

The couple decided to take Blue to a local veterinarian the next day. The vet treated Blue’s injuries and confirmed that, despite his rough start, he was otherwise healthy. Wes and Enes knew they couldn’t leave Blue behind, so they made arrangements to adopt him and bring him home.

Blue’s transformation from a spray-painted, injured puppy to a cherished family member is a testament to the power of compassion and quick action. Wes and Enes’s decision to rescue him not only saved Blue’s life but also brought immense joy and love into theirs. Their story underscores the importance of helping animals in need and the profound impact such acts of kindness can have.


While on the side of the mountain, the couple noticed a mother dog and three other puppies that resembled Blue. They speculated that the mother dog and other pups were Blue’s family. Seeing Blue’s dire condition, Wes and Enes knew they couldn’t leave him behind. His health was in peril, and they felt compelled to help.

They gently picked up Blue and carried him back to their hotel, determined to give him the care he desperately needed. Once there, they carefully washed off the wet spray paint, revealing his true fur color and assessing his injuries. Blue’s cuts and bruises were cleaned and treated, and he was given food and water, which he devoured eagerly, indicating his severe hunger.

The next day, the couple took Blue to a local veterinarian who treated his wounds and confirmed that, despite the rough condition in which he was found, Blue was otherwise healthy. Wes and Enes knew they couldn’t leave him behind and decided to adopt him, ensuring he would receive the love and care he deserved.

Although their hearts ached for Blue’s presumed family still on the mountain, they felt reassured knowing they had saved at least one pup from a grim fate. Blue’s recovery was swift, thanks to the couple’s dedicated care and affection.

This heartwarming story underscores the power of compassion and quick action in rescuing animals in need. Wes and Enes’s decision to save Blue not only transformed his life but also brought immense joy and fulfillment into their own. Their act of kindness serves as an inspiring reminder of the difference one can make by extending a helping hand to those who cannot help themselves.


Blue’s first bath revealed that someone had deliberately sprayed him with ink. Despite his injuries, Blue seemed content to soak in the warm water and later took a nap. However, at 2 A.M., Blue woke up in agony, panting and with a high temperature. The couple rushed him to a 24-hour vet, who believed that Blue had fallen off a hill and was in critical condition. Without their intervention, Blue would have likely passed away.

The vet took Blue in for ten days, providing the necessary shots and ensuring his proper healing. During this time, Blue received the care and attention he needed to recover from his ordeal. The prolonged vet visit, followed by his stay with the couple, helped Blue transition from a street dog to a domesticated pet. He gradually became more accustomed to human companionship and the comforts of a safe, loving environment.

As Wes and Enes cared for Blue, they grew deeply attached to him. They wished they could keep him, but as full-time travelers, they knew that Blue needed stability and a routine they couldn’t provide. Wanting the best for Blue, they decided to find him a loving forever home.

They turned to Instagram, sharing Blue’s story and their journey together. The post quickly gained attention, and offers of adoption poured in from people moved by Blue’s resilience and the couple’s dedication. After carefully considering potential adopters, they found a family that could provide Blue with the stability, love, and care he needed.

Blue’s journey from a frightened, injured puppy on the side of a mountain to a beloved pet in a new home is a testament to the power of compassion and the impact of kindness. Wes and Enes’s decision to rescue Blue not only saved his life but also brought hope and happiness to their own. Their story serves as a powerful reminder of the difference one act of kindness can make in the life of an animal in need.


After several video calls, Wes and Enes found the perfect home for Blue with Austin and Tori, who had a one-year-old Golden Retriever named Bogey. The couple arranged for Blue to fly from Turkey to Denver, Colorado, and personally took him to his new forever home. Though it was a heartbreaking day, they knew they had made the right decision.

Blue’s new family, Austin and Tori, along with Bogey, were thrilled to welcome him into their lives. Blue quickly adapted to his new environment, finding joy and comfort with his new family. Spoiled with love and attention, Blue is now living the life Wes and Enes had always hoped for him.

Wes and Enes believe that their paths crossed with Blue because destiny intervened. They saved his life, and in turn, Blue reminded them of the incredible power of love and compassion. Their story is a beautiful testament to the impact of kindness and the profound connections that can form between humans and animals.

Blue’s journey from a scared, injured puppy on a mountainside to a cherished family member in Colorado is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of love. Wes and Enes’s decision to rescue Blue not only changed his life but also enriched their own. Their actions continue to inspire others to extend a helping hand to animals in need, showing that every act of kindness can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

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