Three-Legged Dog With Eyes Of Emptiness Changes Coat Color After Rescue

When a volunteer from a dog rescue group called Sidewalk Specials, she had just seen some kids searching for food. She followed them to an abandoned dog lying on the roadside. Her heart sank at the sight. The dog, later named Eddie, was painfully thin and terrified of people. He had endured a lot, losing a leg and suffering from malnutrition, kidney problems, mange, and tick bite fever. Eddie’s front teeth were worn down, likely from eating gravel for a long time. His rescuer commented in the video below, “He’s extremely weak. Extremely, extremely weak.” Despite his hardships, he was given a chance for a better life.


Eddie went to a caring foster home with Janice and her husband. Two weeks later, Eddie wagged his tail for the first time, a huge step for the once-terrified dog. Eddie soon realized he was in a loving environment. Janice says, “His eyes started softening.” Day by day, Eddie’s condition improved, and he began to trust humans again.


After three months, Eddie was much happier. He was able to get about, and his coat turned chocolate brown as he recovered. Seeing him play was heartwarming. Despite his past, Eddie was starting to forget the pain and settle in. Janice states, “His happy place is in the bed I think he never had before.”


Eddie’s playful nature that emerged is absolutely heartwarming! Eddie found a squeaky ball in the house and fell in love with it. Janice explains, “His ball is his security blanket. He never had a toy before.” This discovery led to a trip to the toy store so he could choose a toy for himself. He actually chose the same ball he already had. What an adorable fella! We are so pleased that Eddie was rescued and is now safe and sound, enjoying his new life!

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