Poor Puppy Chained in Parking Lot, Needs Help

Poor Puppy Chained in Parking Lot, Needs Help

The story of Keks, a small puppy chained up in a parking lot, begins with a heart-wrenching video shared on social media. People who saw the video were moved by the sight of the tiny, sad-eyed puppy alone and chained. They quickly got the location and went to help him.

Keks’s Sad Life

Image Source Credit via YouTube

When the rescuers arrived, they found Keks looking very sad and confused. He was so small and only had a chain around his neck, not even a proper collar. The parking lot guard told them that Keks was brought there to guard the place after another dog had passed away. Keks was too young for such a big job and was suffering. He was itchy from fleas and barely able to stand.

Seeing Keks in such bad shape, the rescuers knew they had to help him. They talked to the people there and took Keks away to get him the care he needed. They drove him to a vet clinic where he was treated for fleas and other health problems.

It Gets Better

Image Source Credit via YouTube

At the rescue center, Keks met another puppy named Bunny. They quickly became friends and helped each other heal. Keks started to feel better, and he even got to dress up for a photoshoot with Bunny. This was a big step forward for him, showing how much happier he was now.

The photos of Keks and Bunny were shared on social media, and soon, people wanted to adopt them. Both puppies found loving homes where they would be well taken care of. Keks’s story shows how kindness and quick action can save lives and bring happiness to animals like him.

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