Once Tearful Shelter Puppy Finds a Loving Forever Home

Once Tearful Shelter Puppy Finds a Loving Forever Home

Every dog deserves a loving home, but some need a little more help to find theirs. Meet Lucy, a puppy whose tears at the shelter were a silent call for help. Her story is one of fear, hope, and eventually, happiness, as she finds a family ready to give her all the love she needs.

When stray dogs like Lucy are rescued, they often have a hard past we don’t know about. They need lots of love and care to feel better. Lucy was a scared puppy at the Austin Animal Center in Texas. She was so frightened that she couldn’t stop crying. 

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The shelter staff were very kind to her, cuddling her and giving her lots of love. Lucy wagged her tail to show she was thankful, but she kept crying. The shelter workers knew it would take time for her to feel safe.

“She was so terrified. We didn’t know if it was because of all these new people or because she had been in a shelter before, but we knew she had experienced trauma,” says Morgan, who visited Lucy at her kennel.

Seeing how scared Lucy was, Morgan and her friend Emily decided to take her home to help her. At first, they planned to just foster Lucy, but they quickly fell in love with her. “So I thought, ‘We’re just fostering this puppy.’ But when I had her in my arms two minutes later, I said, ‘This dog is going to be ours.’”

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When Lucy got to her new home, things started to look up. Morgan gave her a nice bath, and Lucy loved it. She was still scared of many things, like going outside. She would run back inside whenever they tried to take her for a walk. Morgan and Emily were patient and started with short walks, slowly helping Lucy get used to everything. This also helped her injured paw get better. As Lucy got more comfortable, her sweet nature came out more. “She is incredibly sweet, super sweet! She’s so perfect!” Morgan shared.

Lucy didn’t just get over her fears; she also became best friends with the family cat. They play and cuddle together a lot. Now, Lucy is living her best life with a family that loves her a lot. They can’t imagine their lives without her. Lucy found the happiness she needed, and it’s a great ending to her story.

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