The Remarkable Journey of a Reality Star Who Lost Two-Thirds of His Body Weight, Proving Anything Is Possible / Now I’ve Seen Everything

Losing weight is a challenging journey that often feels daunting, impacting both our physical and emotional well-being. Despite the struggles, it is achievable. Real-life examples, such as Casey King’s remarkable transformation from 845 pounds, illustrate the power of determination and hard work in shedding two-thirds of his body weight.

Casey King made his debut on TLC’s reality show, Family by the Ton. Describing himself as always a “big kid,” he reached 300 pounds by high school graduation. Rather than addressing his eating habits, he persisted in working at restaurants and consuming unhealthy fast food.

Because of a notable increase in his weight, King encountered challenges in performing everyday tasks, including bathing. His enlarged physique made it impossible for him to use a regular shower or bathtub, leading him to resort to an outdoor trough situated on his father’s back deck for personal hygiene.

“Because I’m a bigger guy with like, folds and flaps, I have to move around, almost like a pig in a way, and wallow and roll over to get the back of my leg. I have to lift up literal pieces of skin. It’s just a super difficult process,” Casey claimed.

Following a shift in mindset, his life began moving in a more positive direction.

Embarking on a disciplined diet and exercise regimen, King also opted for stomach-reduction surgery to curb his food intake. This surgical intervention proved instrumental in his weight loss journey, bringing him down from 711 pounds to 525. Despite facing initial challenges, King remained steadfast in adhering to his newfound healthy lifestyle routines.

After a period of unemployment, King successfully landed a job at Home Depot and has been a dedicated employee for several years. This employment has not only provided him with financial stability but has also contributed to his ongoing commitment to an active and healthier lifestyle.

“I’m the healthiest I’ve been since #highschool, I’m the happiest I’ve been since #forever, and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more or #loved myself more,” he wrote in an Instagram caption. “5 pounds away from a weight I never really considered imaginable, I never saw even possible.”

At present, King weighs 250 pounds and aims to shed an additional 25 pounds. In addition to his weight loss goals, he is considering surgery to address the excess skin on his arms, chest, and stomach.

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