Woman Surprised to Learn Why Stray Dog Kept Following Her for Weeks

Maddie, a stray dog, longed for human connection but was too scared to trust easily. Her story changed when she met Selina, a dedicated dog rescuer, who noticed Maddie’s discomfort due to a skin disease. Maddie was initially hesitant, avoiding close contact with Selina despite her obvious need for help.

Selina, moved by Maddie’s condition, decided to help her heal. She began by treating Maddie’s skin and feeding her, building a routine that Maddie could rely on.

Every day, Selina tried to interact with Maddie, who would always run away after following her for a bit. Despite Maddie’s fear, she showed signs of wanting to connect, following Selina’s scooter and even chasing her home. Maddie wanted to trust Selina, but she was battling her own fears.

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As days turned into weeks, Selina’s consistent care began to show results. Maddie’s skin condition improved significantly, and her fur began to grow back. Seeing Selina’s dedication, Maddie started waiting for her every day, showing her happiness by jumping and wagging her tail whenever she saw Selina approaching.

“She loved me on her own terms at first from the distance and preferably no touch…,” reads a caption in Selina’s Instagram video.

Gradually, Maddie let her guard down and allowed Selina to cuddle her for the first time, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

Upon realizing the depth of Maddie’s trust, Selina took her for a veterinary checkup. The visit revealed unexpected news: Maddie was pregnant and would soon give birth.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Selina brought Maddie into her home, setting up a comfortable nesting area for her. Selina committed to being there for Maddie, staying by her side night and day to ensure she felt safe and supported.

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The birth of Maddie’s puppies was an extraordinary event for both of them. Selina was deeply moved by how much Maddie allowed her to be involved. “I am blown away how much she let me in. How much she let me be part of this incredible journey of giving birth. The love, the silence, the wisdom… all of it. Absolutely mindblowing and magical experience. I love you SO MUCH baby girl and I am so amazingly proud of you,” she wrote on Instagram.

Following the birth, Maddie showered her puppies with love and kisses, providing them with all the care they needed.

Maddie’s puppies grew up healthy and playful under her loving care. Two of them soon found forever homes, leaving Maddie and one of her puppies still in search of a family that would love them as much as Selina did.

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