Selena Gomez Got Candid About What It’s Like to Constantly Face the Hate and Gossip and How She’s Learned to Live With It; Details Here:

Selena Gomez Got Candid About What It’s Like to Constantly Face the Hate and Gossip and How She’s Learned to Live With It; Details Here:

Selena Gomez, a pop star who’s been in the public eye since her Disney Channel days, recently offered a candid look at the challenges of navigating fame at the SXSW panel on Sunday. She spoke about the constant barrage of hate and gossip, and how her mental health has transformed since the release of her documentary, My Mind & Me.

Gomez has experienced the highs and lows of public opinion.

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She acknowledges the negativity, but emphasizes the importance of self-preservation. The singer, 31, appeared on a SXSW panel called Mindfulness Over Perfection: Getting Real On Mental Health with her mother and Wondermind co-founder Mandy Teefey.

When asked by host Dr. Jessica Stern if the 2022 release of her Apple TV+ documentary My Mind & Me, which focuses on mental health, has changed her approach to self-care, Gomez didn’t pull any punches.

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«It makes me sick to hear the things that I was saying about myself in the beginning. It bums me out,» the star said.

«But I think everybody can relate to that feeling,» she goes on, adding, «It’s important to speak to yourself with kindness, but I don’t think I really understood that [at the start of the film].»

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In Alek Keshishian’s documentary, viewers witness Selena Gomez grapple with a complex web of challenges. The film chronicles her struggles with self-doubt and body image, alongside the harrowing realities of suicidal ideation that led to a canceled tour. The diagnosis of bipolar disorder adds another layer to her story, as does the ongoing battle with Lupus. The pressures of international fame and the resulting burnout further complicate Gomez’s journey.

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Inspired by a conversation with longtime friend Mandy Teefey, the documentary takes a raw and honest approach. Reflecting on their shared viewing of Girl, Interrupted, the conversation delves into the strange underbelly of the entertainment industry and how Gomez often felt like an outsider. However, the film also underscores the importance of personal agency in mental health. «You can’t force someone» to confront their struggles, Gomez acknowledges, referencing the well-meaning efforts of those around her. «There was a lot of people that cared about me more than I cared about myself,» she reflects, «but I had to hit my rock bottom in my own time.»

«It took a couple of tries, but I like to think and hope I’m in a much better place now,» she added.

Selena pushes back on body shaming attacks.

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Not long ago, the star posted a video on TikTok showing off her makeup routine. At the beginning of the video, Gomez appeared completely makeup-free. She then showed off her own brand of products, Rare Beauty. At the end of the video, she posed for the camera in a full look, wearing a white cropped top. Some users paid undue attention to Selena’s bump. Someone wondered, «Is she pregnant?», «What happened to your stomach?» Another user asked the same question, but added that they were «worried» about Selena’s body.

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Selena Gomez wasn’t universally praised for her recent appearances. While many admired her style, others took to social media to critique her dress and overall look. Comments ranged from the outfit being too plain to criticisms of her appearance itself, with some even resorting to ageist remarks. One particularly harsh critic on Instagram even said she looked 65.

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Negative comments don’t bother her.

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Last year, during the Golden Globes, online comments began circulating about her weight gain. In response to these comments, Gomez took to Instagram Live with her sister, Gracie, by her side. She explained, «I’m a little bit big right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays.» Then Gomez added, «But we don’t care,» and both sisters burst into laughter.

Her new relationship with Benny Blanco has been heavily criticized.

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In the world of glitz and glamour, where every detail is magnified, Selena Gomez and her beau, Benny Blanco, find themselves under the microscope for the most superficial reasons. Recently, Blanco faced backlash for his casual look during a date night, and some online critics have even targeted his appearance.

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But let’s hit the pause button on the criticism and zoom in on what truly matters — the connection and joy between Selena and Benny. They’ve been spotted sharing cozy moments, from birthday celebrations where Selena donned a bold red look to courtside dates at Lakers games, where Blanco’s laid-back style became a talking point. It’s easy to get caught up in the optics, but at the end of the day, it’s their smiles, not the styles, that tell the real story.

With the spotlight on Selena Gomez’s body and relationship, her response is nothing short of empowering. Discover how she’s rewriting beauty standards in our next feature.

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