Man Refuses To Leave His 450 Animals In Ukraine, He Would Prefer Lose His Life With Them

We all know about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and we all know that during wars, people try to leave their countries in order to stay alive, but for this animal rescuer, it was not the deal. The rescuer said that he would rather die with the animals instead of leaving them!

Andrea Cisternino, the rescuer, who has an animal shelter close to Kyiv, is an Italian photographer, but being married to a Ukrainian woman let him live in Ukraine. He said that they’ve rescued more than 400 animals, and would not leave them just to stay alive. So, he preferred to stay with them instead of escaping the country.

He added that he dedicated his life for animals, and will never leave them to die all alone, so, he chose to protect them. What a great man!

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