Neal McDonough Stated He Wouldn’t Kiss Anyone But His Wife and Even Got Fired Over It

Turns out, Neal McDonough is not just a Hollywood star; he’s a family guy through and through. He doesn’t let fame get to his head. Instead, he channels his success into making his loved ones feel cherished. Neal proves that being in the spotlight doesn’t mean losing sight of what truly matters.

He met Ruvé Robertson in 2000.

Back in 2000, Neal McDonough was on the set of Band of Brothers when he had a serendipitous encounter with his future wife, Ruvé. According to Neal, it was love at first sight. Their paths crossed again on St. Patrick’s Day.

Recalling their initial meeting, Neal amusingly remarked, “You’re tall,” unintentionally. Despite being in a relationship at the time, Neal had a moment of clarity. He promptly called his then-girlfriend, admitting, “I’m sorry, but it’s not going to work out between us anymore. I just met the woman I’m going to marry.”

In 2003, Neal and Ruvé tied the knot.

Their wedding, held on December 1, 2003, was a beautiful celebration followed by an adventurous 7-week honeymoon across Cape Cod, London, South Africa, Santa Barbara, and more.

Neal continues to express his deep affection for Ruvé on Instagram. On their 13th wedding anniversary, he shared a heartwarming message, declaring Ruvé as his best friend, love, and life partner. Fast forward to today, the McDonoughs have reached the impressive milestone of 20 years of marriage. With their two boys and three girls, they continue to embrace the wonders of life together.

The McDonough family, residing in LA, is a cheerful bunch of seven. It all started with their firstborn, Morgan Patrick McDonough, followed by their second child, Catherine Maggie McDonough. A few years later, London Jane McDonough joined the family as their third child. Adding to the joy, Clover Elizabeth McDonough became the fourth member, and the youngest addition, James Hamilton McDonough, completed the family.

Once married, Neal McDonough decided to abstain from on-screen kissing scenes in movies and TV shows.

In his 30-year acting career, this devoted family man prioritizes his faith and values. Despite the demands of Hollywood, he has never taken on roles involving inappropriate scenes, staying true to his principles. Even after years of marriage and being a father of five, he remains deeply committed to his wife, expressing that his lips are exclusively reserved for her.

When faced with roles conflicting with his beliefs, he stands firm. For instance, when joining a show known for its explicit content, he informed the creator that he wouldn’t engage in on-screen kisses: “When Marc Cherry signed me, I told him, ’You probably already know this, but I won’t kiss anyone.’” He remembered telling the show’s creator that he was a Christian, “’But this is Desperate Housewives!’ Cherry said. I told him, ’I know.’ He waited about 5 seconds and then said, ’Okay, I’ll just have to write better.’”



He was fired from Scoundrels.

Neal McDonough once lost a role on the ABC show Scoundrels in 2010 due to his policy of avoiding love scenes. He refused intimate scenes with actress Virginia Madsen as a sign of loyalty to his wife. This decision reportedly cost him $1 million and led to a challenging period in his career. Despite the setbacks, McDonough stood firm, expressing his commitment to his faith.

They teamed up for a movie project.

Neal McDonough holds faith and family close to his heart, both in his personal life and in his work. He credits his wife not just as a life partner but also as a producer for the movie Boon, saying, “My wife, Ruvé, jumped on board as a producer with us, and she found the financing. She’s really great at that, and that helped pull in talent, and no one really says no to Ruvé. She’s a very persuasive person.”

Certainly, Neal McDonough isn’t alone in avoiding explicit scenes. Other actors and actresses, like Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, and Blake Lively, also expressed discomfort with such scenes. They prefer roles that align with their boundaries and values.

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