Puppy Abandoned in Forest with All His Belongings Waits for Someone to See Him

Hank once had a family, but they abandoned him in the woods. He was left with a broken leg, an unopened bag of food he couldn’t open, his bed, and some old toys.

A kind person, a Good Samaritan, found Hank sitting perfectly still on his dog bed in the woods. It was a heartbreaking sight. Hank, only 8 months old, was enduring so much hardship. The Good Samaritan quickly called the local animal shelter to get help for Hank.

“Only a puppy at 8 months old yet has been through so much. His tail started wagging once he knew he was being taken into the veterinary hospital. We cannot imagine why anyone would dump him with a broken leg. Left him with his bed, toys and food in the woods. Whoever you are please know that Hank is now safe and will never ever be hurt again,” Humans and Animals United wrote on their Facebook page.

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The people who rescued Hank were initially worried that he might be aggressive since he was in survival mode. However, they were pleasantly surprised. Hank turned out to be incredibly sweet and loving. “He was nothing but love from the moment they got him,” Rosa Fond, founder of Humans and Animals United, told The Dodo. “Everybody says that he’s the sweetest dog.”

Hank was rushed to the veterinarian, where it was confirmed that his leg had been broken for more than two weeks. This was why he didn’t move from his bed; it was too painful for him. Hank needed major surgery to fix his leg. There was even a risk he might be euthanized because of his severe condition. However, Humans and Animals United stepped in to make sure Hank got all the critical care he needed.

Before Hank could have surgery, he needed to gain weight. It was unclear how long he had been without food, but he was very skinny when he was found. It’s believed he was abandoned in the woods for about two weeks. The veterinary staff made sure to give him lots of love and attention during this time. Hank’s story got a lot of attention online, and donations started pouring in to help pay for his surgery and care.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Hank’s first surgery was a success, thanks to the generosity of those who donated. However, he is still very skinny, and his bones stick out. He is being fed small meals throughout the day to help him gain weight. Hank is currently in a temporary foster home but will soon move to a specialized foster home that can provide the care he needs to fully recover. Once he’s healthy enough, he will be placed for adoption.

There has been significant interest in adopting Hank, but no official decision has been made yet. “So thankful, for the good Samaritan that found him and everyone involved in his care. I know he will have a wonderful life from here on out,” the rescue wrote.

You can learn more about donating to Hank’s fund or helping other dogs in need like Hank by visiting Humans and Animals United at humansandanimalsunited.com.

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