Dog Left in Sweltering U-Haul While Owners Visit Beach

Dog Left in Sweltering U-Haul While Owners Visit Beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — In a troubling incident, a dog was left inside a hot U-Haul truck for almost an hour as its owners enjoyed a trip to the beach, according to the New Smyrna Beach Police Department. Authorities were alerted to the dog’s plight by a passerby who saw the animal trapped inside the parked vehicle.

Police officers responded to the scene and were able to rescue the dog, immediately providing it with water to drink. The body-worn camera footage from the rescue operation captured the officers attending to the distressed dog. “This thing is so thirsty,” one officer remarked, highlighting the dog’s desperate need for hydration. Another officer observed, “She’s pretty sweet,” commenting on the dog’s demeanor.

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Despite the windows being cracked open slightly, the lack of water and the sweltering heat posed a serious threat to the dog’s well-being. The police reported that the external temperature was a hot 86 degrees, and without any shade or cloud cover, the temperature inside the U-Haul could have soared to over 100 degrees.

Following the rescue, the dog was transported to the Southeast Volusia Humane Society where it received further care to recover from the heat exposure.

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The identities of the dog’s owners have not been released, but the police have taken legal steps by sending charging affidavits to the State Attorney’s Office. It remains to be seen what legal actions will be taken against the owners.

The police used this incident as a critical reminder to never leave pets or children unattended in vehicles, especially in hot conditions. They expressed appreciation for the alert individual who noticed the dog and contacted the authorities. “Never leave an animal or a child alone inside a vehicle, even for a short period. It could be deadly. Thank you to the vigilant person who noticed the dog in the car and reported it so we could help,” the police emphasized. This statement serves as a vital warning about the risks of leaving vulnerable individuals in enclosed, hot environments.

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