Puppy who lost leg after being hit by car gets adopted by firefighter who saved her

Puppy who lost leg after being hit by car gets adopted by firefighter who saved her

A dog lost her leg in a car accident — but soon after found a home with the man who rescued her!

Two teenage civilians witnessed a tiny pit bull mix puppy get hit by a car and brought the dog to the Buffalo Fire Department’s Engine Co. 19.

Anthony Pulvino was one of the firefighters who jumped into action to save the pup.

“One of her rear legs was a little messed up, but she didn’t seem [to be] in too much pain,” Pulvino told Fox News Digital. “She did have a lot of road rash, so we treated her, kind of cleaned up her cuts.”

The firefighters then took her to the emergency vet. The dog had no collar or identification, and Pulvino, feeling a connection to the rescued puppy, said he would be willing to give her a home if no one stepped forward.



“I left my phone number and said if nobody claims her, I’d love to take her,” Pulvino said. “I had told the guys, ‘I really want a puppy.’ And they said, ‘Yeah, you could bring her to the house any time.”

The puppy’s fractured rear right leg had to be amputated due to injuries. But once the dog was treated, vets contacted Pulvino, who was still interested in taking home the now-three-legged dog.

The Buffalo Fire Department confirmed the news on Facebook, saying that despite the injury she is “going to be fine and live a normal life.”

“She is now living her best life with FF Pulvino taking long walks, jumping around and loving her new home,” the department wrote.




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