Vera Wang, 73, Just Flaunted Her Toned Figure in a Revealing Outfit That Left Everyone Speechless

Vera Wang is proving that we can be in our seventies and still pull off a daring look. In fact, the older the designer is getting, the younger she is looking. And her latest bold choice of fashion left people astonished and in awe of her stunning body.

She’s a style icon.

CJ Rivera/Invision/East News, © Jennifer Graylock / Alamy Stock Photo


The iconic designer attended the 2023 Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City in a total black look that perfectly complemented her signature straight dark hair.


She managed to flawlessly pull off a narrow black bandeau top which accentuated her chest area and tummy. She balanced the look with a voluminous black skirt and a thick gold cuff that decorated her bicep.


The fashion guru proved that we can still be elegant while recycling our outfits as she wore the same black bandeau earlier this year during the BAFTAs. Back in February, she paired the narrow top with a white cut out dress and looked equally gorgeous.


She proves that age is just a number.

Last year in June, Wang celebrated her 73th birthday with a pink-themed karaoke soirée. She looked striking with a pink outfit that showed her toned legs.

While Wang’s birthday celebration was undeniably extravagant, it was her timeless appearance that left her admirers swooning. One individual couldn’t resist commenting on her post, expressing their curiosity: ’’Dang girl what’s your ageless secret!’’

Just like Vera Wang, this 74-year-old lady loves to wear bold outfits and looks gorgeous in them. However, some people online deemed that her choice of outfits was not age appropriate and she had the best response.

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