«She Stooped Low,» Shakira Is in Love Again — But Her Friends Are Really Worried

After a tumultuous split from the father of her two kids, Shakira is finally in love again. The lucky man is Lucien Laviscount, the young Emily in Paris actor. The music star and the actor seem like a match made in heaven; however, the people close to Shakira are worried and concerned, and here is why.

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The 31-year-old British actor has portrayed the 47-year-old Colombian singer’s love interest in her recent music video for her song Puntería. The duo, who shared steamy scenes in the clip, sparked romance rumors due to the undeniable chemistry they exhibited.

And now, insiders have finally confirmed that the couple are indeed together, yet they noted that they are not «heavily involved.»

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An insider has noted, «Shakira is desperate to fall in love — but her friends are concerned because Lucien has slowly crept his way up the celebrity ladder while dating women who were all less famous than Shakira.» The source added, «Her friends fear he just wants people to know his name, and she provides that […]»

Online, many fans were thrilled to discover that the Hips Don’t Lie singer has found love again. They expressed their enthusiasm for this new romance, saying, «He’s gorgeous! Go girl!»

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However, many others had reservations and feared that the young actor might not be the best match for Shakira. One person noted, «She stooped low.» Another expressed concern that the singer might be hastily entering into a new romance following her split, questioning, «Why to jump into a relationship when she is not ready? When she needs to heal […]»

We’re excited that Shakira is finally in love again. There have been many speculations over the last few months about who the star was dating, and one of the people who reportedly pursued her was none other than Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise.

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