This Trans Woman Spent Over $1 Million in Surgeries / Now I’ve Seen Everything

Jessica Alves, previously known as Rodrigo Alves and famously referred to as the ’human Ken doll’, has undergone an extensive series of cosmetic procedures in her pursuit of altering her appearance. With numerous nose jobs and even ’cat-eye lift’ surgery, Alves has explored a wide range of options. However, after her arduous journey, she has now made a firm commitment to undergo further surgical interventions, embracing her newfound self.

Jessica Alves has always felt insecure growing up, so she decided to turn to plastic surgery.

Jessica Alves, originally named Rodrigo Alves and identified as male at birth in Brazil, has openly shared her lifelong realization that she identifies as a female. Her connection with Barbie dolls began during her formative years when her grandfather gifted her with these iconic toys. As Alves grew older, she experienced feelings of insecurity and self-doubt regarding her appearance. In her young adult years, she made the personal decision to pursue plastic surgery in order to address the aspects of her body that she felt needed improvement.

By 2018, she was dubbed a human Ken doll and had spent half a million on cosmetic procedures.

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By the age of 35, Alves had undergone numerous cosmetic procedures, accumulating a total cost exceeding $500,000, as shared by the television personality. During this time, Alves still identified as Rodrigo and was recognized for her striking resemblance to the iconic “Ken” doll, characterized by her blond hair and well-defined features. She had invested substantial amounts in various treatments, including multiple nose surgeries, “cat eye lift” procedures, and enhancements to sculpt her figure.

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In 2020, Alves revealed that she was trans and went ahead to get gender reassignment surgery.

In 2020, Jessica Alves made a significant decision to publicly come out and disclose her true gender identity as a woman, expressing her intention to pursue gender reassignment surgery. Alves candidly shared her personal journey, explaining that despite being known as “Ken” outwardly, she had always felt a deep connection to the essence of Barbie within herself. She revealed that for years, she attempted to conform to societal expectations by presenting as a man, even resorting to cosmetic enhancements like a fake six-pack and artificial muscles in her arms.

However, Alves acknowledged that she had been deceiving herself, as her authentic identity resonated with femininity. With her newfound clarity, Alves expressed that her decision to align her physical body with her true self was a pivotal step in achieving harmony between her mind and body.

Until now, Alves has spent a staggering $1 million on plastic surgery but vows to stop going under the knife.

Following her public announcement about being transgender, Alves pursued further modifications to align her physical appearance with her gender identity as a woman. These modifications included the removal of her abdominal muscles to achieve a more feminine figure, as well as enhancements to her lips and a refinement of her nose. It is reported that by 2023, Alves had invested a remarkable $1 million in cosmetic procedures throughout her journey.

After a transformative journey, Jessica Alves expressed her satisfaction with her current appearance, declaring that she is “100% done with plastic surgery.” She exudes confidence and happiness, affirming, “I look and feel amazing. Embracing my womanhood brings me joy and a sense of pride. From my childhood, I envisioned long hair and a voluptuous figure, and now I am living as the woman I’ve always aspired to be, fulfilling the dreams of my own reflection.”

But Jessica isn’t the only person who wanted to completely change her image. Patrick spent $73,000 so he could also look like a doll.

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