This Shelter Dog Has Been Waiting for 353 Days Longing To Be Adopted

Each morning, dogs in shelters like Annie wake up hoping that today will be the day they find a loving home. They sit in their small spaces, watching people go by, wishing someone would notice them and take them home. This is her story.

Annie’s Dilemma

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Puppies usually find homes quickly, but older dogs like Annie often get overlooked. Annie is a seven-year-old dog who has been at the Mendocino Coast Humane Society in Fort Bragg, California, for over a year. Every time someone walks past her without stopping, her hope fades a little, but she keeps waiting.

“Adopt Annie! This newly seven year old large mixed breed is seventy pounds of pure love…,” the staff wrote in a Facebook post.

Although the shelter is a loud and stressful place, Annie shows a different side when she receives attention. Her face brightens, her tail wags excitedly, and she looks truly happy. Annie is very loving; she often gives kisses to the shelter staff, thanking them for their kindness.

Annie’s Need for a Home

Image Source Credit via Instagram

It’s surprising to the shelter staff that no one has adopted Annie yet. They’ve shared her story on social media, trying to find someone who will love her. They describe Annie as a big dog full of love, hoping that someone will see how special she is.

Being an older dog, Annie has some health issues. She has problems with her eyes and teeth that will need ongoing care from a vet. “Because of her age, Annie has a chronic eye issue and dental disease that will need further vet care after adopting,” the California shelter added. The shelter makes sure that anyone interested in adopting Annie knows about her health needs.

Still Hoping for a Family

Image Source Credit via Instagram

Annie has spent a lot of time in the shelter, but she hasn’t given up hope. The shelter staff shared a video on Instagram showing Annie with a big smile, hoping to capture the heart of a future owner.

Annie’s story is an example of many older dogs in shelters, waiting for someone to give them a chance. She is a sweet dog who deserves to find a home where she can be loved and cared for. If more people considered adopting older dogs, many could enjoy a happy life outside the shelter. If you would like to adopt Annie, please visit Mendocino Coast Humane Society.

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