Shelter Workers Heartbroken to Find Scared Puppy Shaking in Kennel Corner

In a world ideally filled with compassion, unfortunately, some dog owners display a distinct lack of it. Comfort, a small puppy, found herself forsaken at just three months old. Cast aside by her family, she was torn from the only environment she had ever known. 

A bystander who observed the heartbreaking event quickly intervened, bringing the forlorn puppy to a shelter in Los Angeles, California. Overwhelmed by betrayal from those she trusted, Comfort cowered fearfully in a corner of the doghouse.

Image Source Credit via Instagram

Determined to assist Comfort in finding a temporary home, Ashley Pittman, a compassionate volunteer at A Purposeful Rescue, took action. She captured Comfort’s plight in a video and shared it on her Instagram account, where it quickly gained traction and spread to TikTok.

The viral video touched the hearts of viewers, one of whom reached out to help. A prospective foster parent contacted Ashley Pittman, expressing her intent to take in Comfort. She assured her that she was on her way to bring Comfort into her care.

Once in the foster home, Comfort’s foster mother dedicated herself to aiding her recovery. Although initially fraught with anxiety from her shelter experience, Comfort’s foster mother understood that patience was key. For the initial days, Comfort remained withdrawn, frequently crying and seeking refuge under a bed. 

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Nevertheless, her foster mother enveloped her in affection, gradually easing her fears. Over time, hope began to dispel the shadows in Comfort’s eyes. As Comfort gradually settles into her foster home, she starts to prepare for the next chapter of her life — finding a permanent family. It is the hope of all who have come to know her that Comfort will soon discover a forever home with a family eager to provide the love and care she deserves.

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