-THE NEWS about Al Roker’s health has broken our souls

-THE NEWS about Al Roker’s health has broken our souls

Al Roker, the beloved weatherman, has been missing from TV due to a severe health scare involving blood clots in his thigh that moved to his lungs, requiring hospitalization. In a heartfelt tweet, Roker expressed his current path to recovery and appreciation for the care he’s received, along with gratitude for the well-wishes from fans.

Previously, Roker has been open about his health challenges, including prostate cancer and surgeries for hip and knee problems. Despite these, he’s remained active, even completing the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Colleagues from the “Today” show, including Hoda Kotb, Dylan Dryer, Craig Melvin, and Savannah Guthrie, publicly extended their support, noting Roker’s high spirits.

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Al Roker joins Hilton Head beach walkers for ‘Start TODAY’ challenge


HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – TODAY’s Al Roker and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour were in South Carolina on Wednesday morning as the team wrapped up their ‘Start TODAY’ health challenge for February.

The longtime NBC personality and weather anchor was on Hilton Head Island where he met up with a group to participate in a walk on the beach.

Al Roker (@alroker) / X

Roker said the theme for this month’s challenge was focused on balance. He says it’s all about finding healthy ways to keep up your New Year’s resolution, especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

“Each month we try to do something a little bit different, and this time, I decided I wanted to do something about balance. Because I think as we get older, we need to worry about balance more, and we’re combining it with walking and working on your core,” said Roker during a live interview on News 2 Today.

TODAY’s health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour, who traveled to Greenville, SC for her portion of the event, originally came up with a monthly – or daily – exercise that can incorporate your steps while getting your core stronger and helping with balance.

This month’s challenge began with a walk in New York City.

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“When I was walking with Al Roker and our Start TODAY members through the streets of New York City last month to kick off our 100-Mile Challenge, we got to chatting. Al shared with me his goal of improving his balance while walking — something that every single one of us can benefit from,” Mansour wrote online. “So here we are! Thanks to Al, our February workout challenge is focused on improving strength and stability in the body to support you in everyday activities and help you walk more efficiently.”

News 2’s sister station, WSAV, reported that over 150 walkers signed up to walk through the finish line with Roker. Mansour led a group of walkers over the Liberty Bridge in Greenville, according to NBC affiliate WYFF.

“It’s a movement, really,” said Roker. “When we started this a couple of years ago, I had no idea—we have over 700,000 people join us in the walking challenges, and I could not be more proud for helping folks get healthy.”

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