Abandoned and Hurt: Dog Left on Street After Being Used as Bait

Phoenix, a dog found in terrible shape on the streets, quickly gained attention after @TheMoho in Canada posted his story. Virginia, deeply moved by his poor condition, knew she had to act fast. Without hesitation, she took him straight to the vet, initiating his road to recovery. The vet’s team worked diligently to address Phoenix’s health issues, providing the care and treatment he desperately needed. Thanks to Virginia’s swift actions and the veterinary team’s dedication, Phoenix began to heal, symbolizing hope and resilience. His story touched many hearts, showcasing the profound impact of compassion and swift intervention.

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At the vet, Phoenix looked like he was just skin and bones and his face was so swollen he couldn’t open his eyes. Despite not knowing his full backstory, it was clear he might have been used as a bait dog. Throughout it all, Phoenix showed he was still full of love and gratefulness for being rescued.

Phoenix had a long way to go with regular vet visits to help with his wounds and infections. A new antibiotic he started taking made a big difference, and soon he began doing normal dog things like eating well and spending time outside.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Phoenix finally began to feel at home on a farm with his new family and other animals. At first, he was shy, but he soon started to feel comfortable and made friends. His new owner immediately felt a strong bond, saying, “When you meet someone for the first time, yet it feels like you’ve known them forever.”

Phoenix was cautious with leashes due to his past, but he enjoyed his freedom on the farm, healing from his old wounds and finally being able to see again. His family is thrilled to have him off the streets, happily stating,

“We’re so glad that Phoenix is finally off the street, as in the words of his new family: ‘He deserves a second chance in his life!’”

Phoenix’s story shows how much a little kindness and care can do, turning a once tragic life into a joyful and loving existence.

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