Stray Dog Rushes To Woman In The Woods Begging Her To Follow

While driving down a winding forest street in Puerto Rico, Ashley Boggs stopped her car after seeing a vehicle stopped in front of her for a while, and then continued driving. She directly knew that the was something wrong! Little did she knew that the car dumped a dog in a busy road to fend for herself!

The small dog, who was brown, was so desperate to get the help she needed, but not just for her as her babies were nearby! So, the woman directly decided to follow the dog as she has experience in such situations by working for Miracles for Satos Rescue.

She found 2 pups close to the busy street, so, she took them along with their mama into her vehicle. She then continued her way trying to find the rest. She went to investigate the wooded area after hearing cries, and was surprised to find more than one pup!

Boggs found 4 puppies in the wood and she took them all to her car to let the dog family be back together! She said that she was so sad that there was no water or food in the area, which meant that the pups would have died if they had not been found!

All the dogs were taken to the shelter. While on their way, the mama dog, who was named Goji did not stop from hugging and kissing Boggs to thank her! Thankfully, 2 of the pups were adopted, and the rest along with their mama will surely be adopted as they are so friendly and affectionate. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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