Stray Dog Found Carrying A Bundle In His Mouth, That Day He Saved A A Little Human Life

Taking care of our younger broths, cherishing them, and loving are must-have things as we are the ones who should show them the right path.

One stray dog found was wandering the streets in Thailand looking for something to eat. He stopped at a garbage can trying to find some food that gives him power.

That’s when he heard a strange sound coming from the behind the garbage can, so, went to check and found a bundle! So, he grabbed it behind him.

The dog dragged the bundle till he reached one house in hopes he could find some help! The dog started continuously until the owners came out to see what was wrong!

When the people checked the bundle, they found a baby, who was hardly breathing. They directly called the ambulance, that came and took the baby to the ICU. The baby is recovering in the hospital, while the dog was given a lifeguard collar and a new name “Pugh”.

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