Rescuers Couldn’t Find Missing Man In Desert, Then They Ask His Dog To Help

This story speaks about Gregorio Romero, a 84-year-old man, who went lost for one week after leaving his house for a walk on 27th of November in Moctezuma, Sonora State in Mexico.

The authorities launched a major manhunt to find the man along with a trained sniffer dog unit. The team did their best to find the man, but to no avail, so, they asked El Palomo, Gregorio’s trusted dog, for help.

Fortunately, on 4th of December, Gregorio was found by his dog just about 2 miles away from his house! It was a great moment for both dog and his owner, who was very happy to see his dog among the group of searchers, who were doing their best to find him.

Gregorio’s family members were also very happy to see him again. However, the loyal dog, who helped the rescuers to find his owner in a desert, was very happy to reunite with his owner. The reunion was so emotional!

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