L.A. fire crews rescue horse ‘stuck in narrow wedge’


Crews with the Los Angeles Fire Department on Sunday rescued a horse in Sylmar that became stuck in a narrow wedge, authorities announced.

A 911 call about the incident, located at 14525 Olive View Drive, came in at around 4:34 p.m.

The animal, according to LAFD, was “inverted in the gap.” Firefighters worked to dig out the area in an effort to get the horse on its side.

A short video of the incident showed a large presence of first responders standing over the trapped horse as they worked to free the animal.

“This is a dynamic situation with a number of options being assessed to determine the best approach,” LAFD said.

Officials initially said the rescue would be “an extended duration event,” taking several hours, but were able to quickly rescue the animal with the help of a horse rescue specialist.

“Despite initial estimates, firefighters working together with a horse rescue specialist from LA Animal Services, they were able to quickly dig out and get the horse on its side and then upright,” LAFD said.

Officials added that the horse was being “walked out” and did not appear to have any injuries.

It is unclear what led up to the horse falling into the gap. The horse’s rider was not injured in the incident.

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