Dog Lodged In Crevice Caught Hiker’s Attention With Her Bright Amber Eyes

While hiking a narrow, slippery trail on Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, a man was about to come across an unexpected sight. Focused on his journey, he was suddenly drawn to a pair of amber eyes gleaming from a crevice in the mountainside. He was surprised to discover these sad, intense eyes belonged to a scared and exhausted dog. The dog’s fur was dirt-colored, camouflaging her into the surroundings. It was only her distinctive eyes caught the hiker’s attention, or else he might have missed her entirely.

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The weak dog barely had any energy left in her malnourished frame and seemed close to giving up. Upon seeing the hiker, however, she lifted her head, and a flicker of hope appeared in her eyes at the prospect of being rescued. The hiker quickly contacted the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) for assistance. Responding promptly, emergency animal medical technicians Ruthie Jesus and Tracey Miiller were dispatched to the location.

The compassionate hiker stayed with the dog, who he nicknamed Bright Eyes due to her distinctive eyes, for nearly two hours until help arrived. “… She blends in so much, the complainant told us that he wanted to call her Bright Eyes because when he hiked past her, that was literally the only thing he saw was her amber bright eyes staring back at him,” Jesus explained in an AHS rescue video.

Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

Although still fearful, Bright Eyes allowed the rescuers to tend to her. The medical team found that she was severely dehydrated, with cuts on her paw pads and a wound on her rear. Despite her ordeal, Bright Eyes was gentle and allowed the rescuers to pet her head. However, she was too scared to move from her hiding spot, and the team had to gently extract her. Since she was too weak to walk, the rescuers took turns carrying her down the mountain.

In the safety of their arms, Bright Eyes began to relax, feeling secure for the first time in what seemed like forever. The despair in her eyes was replaced with gratitude towards the people who had come to her rescue. It remains a mystery how Bright Eyes ended up on the mountain, but her rescuers were just grateful they found her in time.

Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

“We were so elated to be able to get her. She was just so dehydrated. I think she’d probably been up there several days and that was probably her last day, and this Good Samaritan really just saved her life,” Jesus further stated. Bright Eyes was taken to a hospital where she received essential medical care, including fluids and antibiotics to treat her injuries and stomach issues.

Estimated to be about two years old, Bright Eyes will soon be looking for a forever home once she fully recovers. This brave dog is eager to find a loving family to start a new chapter in her life. Special thanks to the altruistic hiker and the dedicated technicians, Miiller and Jesus, for their role in saving this sweet dog.

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