Heartbroken Pet Owner Gets Tattoo of Beloved Pooch Who Died – Using Ink Mixed with His Ashes

A devoted dog owner was so heartbroken when her beloved bull terrier passed away that she got his ashes inked permanently into her skin, so that he’s ‘always with her.’

Robyn Moscrop rescued her bull terrier Bronson back in 2019 who she “spoilt rotten” and “treated like a baby.”

The 27-year-old was devastated when her pampered pet suddenly died last July from unknown causes when he was only around the age of three.

To commemorate her very special dog, her boyfriend who conveniently worked as a tattooist, immortalized her favorite portrait of him with his ashes mixed into the ink.

Robyn said the tattoo provided her with a sense of closure given it means Bronson’s “always with his mum” and will never be forgotten.

“It’s not something I could lose or misplace, it’s always there,” she said. “Seeing it when it was done was really emotional, I did have a cry.”


“It sounds silly really, but sometimes when we’re at places and say I’m just wearing a t-shirt, I just think ‘oh, he’s here with me and seeing all this too.”

It was the cremationist who, after saying she would make a clay pawprint, mentioned she heard some pet owners using ashes in tattoos before. Ashes can be used to make all kinds of things, since they are a high quality form of carbon. GNN has reported that certain companies will press ashes into memorial stones, and some will even make vinyl records with them.

“I’d never heard of that before,” Robyn admitted. “I told my boyfriend and he said ‘yeah, I’ve heard artists have done it,’” adding that he would love to do it for her.

Robyn grew up with bull terriers and loves the breed so much that when she wanted her own pet, she decided to rescue Bronson. Not much was known about his history other than he was a stray, deaf and was around one when he was rescued.


“He was a crazy dog. He made such an impression on everyone because he had such a personality,” she remembers. “He just kept me really busy and I’d see other people with their really well-behaved dogs and I’d be thinking ‘oh my god, why can my dog not be like that?’”

“But I still absolutely loved him, he was spoilt rotten. He had his own social calendar. He’d go on playdates where we’d hire fields out and let 20 bull terriers off the lead for them all to play. He honestly had such an incredible life.”

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