Dog Who Could Barely Move His Legs Managed To Recover With The Help Of Some Amazing People

Dog Who Could Barely Move His Legs Managed To Recover With The Help Of Some Amazing People

Life is really rough for animals on the outside. They can’t complain, but you can just see on their faces that they want to be saved.

Some are lucky and get rescued pretty early on, while others suffer and starve for months at a time before someone comes for them.

In this story, we will talk about a stray dog who was starving so badly that he was barely moving his legs.

A New Chance

three dogs next to the containerthree dogs next to the container
Source: YouTube

When Chance was first seen living near dumpsters, the rescuers working for D&A Animal Rescue, in Texas, were shocked by the condition they found him in.

It seemed like he had been suffering for so long that he was barely able to stand on his feet.

His rescuers wasted no time in getting him to a veterinarian clinic in Texas where he could receive proper medical treatment.

While there, his diagnosis was not good at all. He had many health issues that needed addressing before he had a chance to recover.

Things were made harder because Chance was abused so much that he pretty much resisted any attempts at touching him.

He was so broken inside that he only allowed his rescuers to get close to him. However, it was clear to them that they had to help him on this journey.

Recovery Journey

the rescued dog stands on the tilesthe rescued dog stands on the tiles
Source: YouTube

The woman who rescued him decided to take him to her house in order to help him recover. He underwent surgery for his deformed spine, as it was causing him many problems. 

Time went on and Chance was recovering at a steady pace. Even though he still had a long way to go, he at least started to enjoy the things other dogs enjoy.

His new mom is so proud of him, as he is finally starting to come out of his scared shell.

The next step in his healing process was his fractured spine, as the first surgery proved unsuccessful and the second one might be too risky.

So, they then decided to not proceed with it, and instead, keep him on anti-inflammatory medications.

Chance’s Beautiful Fur Coat

portrait of a pit bull sitting and looking at the cameraportrait of a pit bull sitting and looking at the camera
Source: YouTube

One month had gone by since Chance’s rescuers took him in, and there is now a very noticeable improvement in his health.

Not only that, but his new foster mom now helps him by taking him out to different places so that he can play and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This amazing bond between them has made Chance more trusting of other people and he is finally starting to show it.

A few months later and he is now just the happiest and most playful dog. His favorite activities are running laps around the yard and playing with his dog sibling.

In the end, it’s another beautiful and heartwarming story about a dog who went through a lot and was rescued by the people who cherish every moment with him.

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