Bald, Mangy Dog Wandering On Beach Is Indistinguishable Now

Chelsey from Souls of Satos rescue encountered a sweet, bald, mangy puppy wandering around while she was enjoying a day at the beach with her mate. The dog’s state was pitiful, yet he remained friendly and eager to meet his new human friends. She says in the video, “Our beach day [turned] into a rescue day.” Chelsey was so happy to welcome the dog as he eagerly desired to be snuggled. As the man sat in a beach chair, the dog stood up on his legs, wanting to join him. The kind human picked him up and held him.


After some hugs and resulting tail wags, the pup was brought back to Chelsey’s home. She desperately wanted to help him and took the dog to the vet clinic the following day. The pup, now named Toby, sat in the car with his eyes closed, taking in the sights while Chelsey stroked his sweet face. She told him, “We gotta get you feeling better, sweetheart.”


Once at the vet, Toby was thoroughly examined. He was in pain from open wounds that resulted from mange, sun exposure, and scratching. He was treated with proper medication and sent back with his rescuer, who promised to care for him day and night. The following week, Toby felt so much better! He happily explored his surroundings. Chelsey even said, “Look at the tail wagging!” It was obvious he was grateful! Things were surely looking up.


By the second week, Toby’s red, irritated skin changed to a normal color. The treatment was working! As time went on, Toby began to look like an entirely different dog. With nutritious, well-balanced meals, affection, and a roof over his head, Toby recovered. Chelsey added, “He is a little miracle dog. He had such a good little spirit for everything he went through. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body… He’s pure love.”

Play the video below to see Toby’s jaw-dropping, heartwarming rescue and transformation. He’s so beautiful now! You won’t believe your eyes!

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