Emotional Reunion For Dog With His Mom After Being Missing For Two Months

One of the worst things dog owners fear is to be separated from their dogs for many reasons such as death or getting lost. Unfortunately, Mariel, was one of these people after losing her 2 dogs, who ran away from her home for more than 2 months.

The incident happened when she left the front door open while doing an electrical work in her house, so, the dogs, Poncho and Gordo, were able to leave her house in Burzaco, Argentina. Fortunately, they found Gordo after almost 2 weeks of searching, but Poncho was nowhere to be found. So, they visited nearby organizations and institutions to help them find their dog.

They even shared Poncho’s story online and asked people for help. One day a massage was sent to the family telling them that their dog was seen at the Israelite Home in the city. So, they directly went to the place but were not able to find him. So, they went to the Zoonosis Brown institution to begin an intense search with the help of Canine Brigade of Volunteer Firefighters.

Thankfully, the dog was finally found and he was in a state of disorientation and shock. After seeing Mariel and her husband, the dog started wagging his tail out of joy and he went with them home. What an emotional reunion!

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