Dog Ditched In Lot Won’t Go With Others, Sure Her Owner Will Return

This rags-to-riches story hails from Southern California and involves a small gray and white dog who was found lying in a school parking lot. She loyally waited for her family, who had abandoned her in that very spot, hoping they would return. She avoided contact with anyone attempting to rescue her. Despite several weeks passing with no one coming to claim her, the dog remained in the same spot, determined to wait indefinitely for her family’s return. Numerous people shared her image online, hoping to reconnect her with her previous owners, but she was never claimed.


The dog would consistently hide whenever someone approached her until a woman named Suzette Hall intervened. Suzette, the founder of Logan’s Legacy animal rescue in Irvine, California, learned about the dog and immediately decided to help. She drove to the school and located her. Noticing the dog’s extreme fear and shyness, Suzette set up a humane trap with a hot dog as bait.


Once captured, the dog was visibly shaken and panicked but eventually relaxed and fell asleep in Suzette’s car. Suzette named her Scarlet and took her to a pet hospital for a health check. Scarlet received all the necessary care and was soon ready for a new foster home, where she quickly adjusted and enjoyed the company of other dogs.


Now in a loving foster environment, Scarlet is still on the lookout for her forever home. She’s described as easy-going and affectionate, meshing well with everyone she meets, indicating she will easily adapt to a new family.

Suzette has set a firm condition for anyone wishing to adopt Scarlet — they must be committed to her, forever. The thought of Scarlet being abandoned again is unthinkable, and Suzette is hopeful that Scarlet will soon experience what true love really is. Everyone is hopeful that Scarlet will find her perfect home very soon.

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