Disabled Teen Wins Miss Dallas Competition With The Help Of Her Service Dog

Alison Appleby, a 17-year-old lady who has epilepsy and autism, has won Miss Dallas Teen USA 2022. She was accompanied with Brady, her service dog, throughout the competition.

Appleby, who is from the Texan city of Sherman, said that her dream has always been winning the pageant, and she was completely terrified during the competition, but Brady, her Golden Retriever, made the situation easier for her.

Appleby and Brady were both given crowns on 9th of October, during the ceremony. She said that having a disability does not mean that you can’t achieve your dreams.

The director of the pageant, Jennifer Ortiz, said a special crown for the dog was purchased by the organizers once they knew that he would be with her if she won the pageant.

Appleby was very pretty and amazing to the point that she won the whole pageant! Alison said that her disability did not change how the judges saw her. She just won the pageant because she really deserved it! How great!

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