A Rainy Reunion: Emotional Image of Boy and Dog Hugging Tight After 9 Months Apart. rr

No one knows why the two are sitting in the middle of the rain, but this moment still makes many people feel warm and fuzzy. After a few hours of posting, the image attracted more than 6,000 likes and hundreds of compliments from netizens.

The busy and chaotic pace of life makes us miss many simple moments such as extremely warm, heart-touching moments, moments that make you have more faith in life. The moment that netizens are sharing a lot today is such a moment.

Recently, a large group of members on social networks posted a photo taken at a corner of Hanoi on a rainy day. In the picture is a scene of a boy hugging a tiny puppy. The two little friends were close together in the middle of the increasingly heavy rain.

The image of a boy holding a dog in the pouring rain attracts the attention of netizens – Photo: Screenshot

In the middle of the pouring rain, a boy is hugging tightly to protect his little dog friend – Photo: Internet

After only a few hours of posting, the article quickly attracted attention and hundreds of compliments from netizens for the boy.

Netizens were quick to leave their comments –

Account P.D. commented: “What a child, still carefree, carefree and clearly loved. Wish the boy in the picture always keep this pure love and wish the two of you to be friends for a long time!”.

T.T account wrote: “It’s so sad, ignoring why the adults didn’t take them both to the shelter, this is still a beautiful and heartwarming moment. Children’s friendships are as simple as that.”

Sometimes just breathing makes me feel tired, but seeing pictures like this makes me feel naturally more motivated. It doesn’t look cute but cute”, the N.T.S account commented.

No one knows why the little puppy is there, no one knows why the boy in black is sitting there hugging the dog, and no one has any information about the characters appearing in the picture but This saved moment still makes viewers’ hearts flutter.

And after all, people just hope that life will have many simple and cute friendships like this.

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