Worried Mom Fox Calls for Help for Her Baby

Foxes, often shrouded in mystery, are like the elusive stars of the wildlife world. You might catch a fleeting glimpse of one at dusk, but they generally stay hidden from view. When you do encounter one up close, it usually signals that something is wrong.

This was exactly the case in Cooden Beach, a town in England where residents spotted a fox near a drain pipe. The situation turned serious when locals heard strange cries coming from deep within the drain. On investigating, they found an adult fox conspicuously close to the pipe’s opening.

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Seeing a grown fox out in the open was so rare that it immediately raised alarms. Upon further inspection, the distressing truth emerged: the fox was a mother whose baby was trapped in the complex network of the drain pipe. Unable to help her cub, the mother fox was visibly distressed, standing guard anxiously near the entrance.

But help was on the way. Concerned residents contacted the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) for assistance. The rescue team arrived equipped with a drainage rod, determined to rescue the trapped cub.

The team worked tirelessly for about 90 minutes but realized the cub was stuck in a section of the pipe that was out of their reach. With the cub’s survival at stake, giving up was not an option.

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After a brief pause to strategize, the rescuers tried again. This time, they were in luck. One of the team members felt the cub within the tunnel, sensing that the little one had managed to crawl closer to the entrance but needed help to break free. With careful effort, they grasped the cub and gently pulled him out to safety, bringing a collective sigh of relief.

The cub, dazed from the ordeal, was given a quick bath to clean up. The emotional highlight of this rescue came when the cub was reunited with his mother. The rescuers placed him in an open carrier, and the mother fox cautiously approached. After a brief, tender moment, she guided her cub out of the carrier, and the two disappeared into the woods, their family whole once again.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

This touching story underscores the powerful bond between a mother and her child, transcending species boundaries. It also shines a light on the vital role compassionate humans can play in the lives of animals. The East Sussex WRAS team went above and beyond to save this fox family, showcasing their dedication and expertise.

If you’re inspired by their heroic efforts, consider supporting their crucial work with a donation.

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