7 Simple Ways To Recognize Possible Body Issues

7 Simple Ways To Recognize Possible Body Issues

Simple tricks to understand if there is something in your body to be cautious about

Different people have different reactions to things. However, since our bodies are a complex system, one thing might be related to another. Hence, some signs can show us possible health issues.


Viral Strange has compiled a list of signs that might help you understand your body more.



  • 1. Horizontal lines on your neck
  • 2. Hair porosity
  • 3. Ulcers on your mouth
  • 4. Peeling nails and cuticles
  • 5. Cracked heels
  • 6. Redness around the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead
  • 7. Swollen eyes

1. Horizontal lines on your neck

Deep neck wrinkles might indicate that the bones are becoming less dense. To avoid osteoporosis in the future, get calcium and vitamin D supplements.

On the other hand, deep neck wrinkles alongside flaky skin can also be a sign of thyroid-related issues.

2. Hair porosity

To check your hair porosity, drop a strand of hair in a glass of water. The hair porosity is high if the strand sinks to the bottom of the glass, meaning that your hair absorbs the products quickly.

And because it might be highly porous, it may not be able to retain moisture. In this case, you should use products that have “heavy” ingredients, such as oils or kinds of butter.

3. Ulcers on your mouth

Smoking, allergies, and inflammation are the most common reasons for an ulcer to show up.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing fatigue, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and muscle weakness, you should check your diet. You might need a boost of vitamin B12, iron, or folate!

4. Peeling nails and cuticles

Peeling nails and cuticles are a sign of iron deficiency. On the other hand, the underactive thyroid, lung disease, or kidney disease might be the cause. Keep up with an iron-rich diet!

The white spots on nails might indicate allergies, fungal infection, or mineral deficiency. In case of a mineral deficiency, do a blood test! Also, try to add zinc and calcium to your diet.

5. Cracked heels

People get cracked heels because of dry skin, cold weather, or standing all day long. However, cracked heels can also indicate the presence of eczema, hypothyroidism, or diabetes.

Soak your legs in soapy water for 20 minutes and scrub them with a pumice stone before applying a heavy moisturizer. If home treatments aren’t working, see a doctor.

6. Redness around the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead

People with fair skin are more likely to have red skin around the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. If you experience flushing and persistent redness, you might have rosacea.

See a dermatologist and get the necessary treatment which usually includes oral medicines.

7. Swollen eyes

Overconsumption of salt can lead to swollen eyes. This happens because the water gets trapped in the area. Increase your potassium intake and cut the salty food.

You may use cold compresses and tea bags to treat it at home. However, if it doesn’t go away, see a doctor and start treating your problem!

Have you encountered any of these signs in your body? Tell us in the comments.



A heart touching moment how the dog says goodbye to his owner



When Ryan Jessen, 33, died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage, medical personnel reacted in an unexpected manner.





“The hospital was extremely gracious to us, allowing us to bring my brother’s dog in to’say goodbye,’ so she could understand why her human never returned home.” Ryan’s sister Michelle wrote on Facebook, “If you knew my brother, you knew how much he loved his precious puppy.”





While the video of Ryan and his dog Molly’s touching moment was meant for their immediate family, it quickly went viral.




“Others’ stories, their participation in our grief, and the generosity of so many people have greatly impacted and humbled us,” Michelle writes.




Molly, Ryan’s heartbroken dog, is in good hands, according to Ryan’s sister: “Don’t worry about the dog!” We’re going to keep her!!! She is a member of the family.” Ryan’s donor heart is set to save the life of a 17-year-old just in time for Christmas, according to Michelle.



Great Dane Melts 8M Hearts With Sweetest



There are many reasons for having a dog such as their silliness, cuddliness, and cuteness. However, most dogs love their owners and always try to greet them in the best way ever. Furthermore, if want to get all of these reasons, you should have a Great Dane, and this video proves that perfectly.

Ryan Henderson shared a video online of her Great Dane greeting her when she is back home. She said that the greatest thing of having a Great Dane is the way they greet their owners when they are back home.


You can see in the video below that the Great Dane waits patiently for his mama in the driveway while she was so close to get home. Once he saw his mama’s car, he started jumping and wagging his tail out of joy. He just did not wait for her to come to him, as he directly ran up to her once she opened the car’s door.


The video directly went viral once it was shared online as it gained 2.6 million views with thousands of likes and comments. Many people said that this is one of the best parts of having dogs as they will love you unconditionally, and wait for you to come back home. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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