Woman Writes Love Letter To Her Rescue Dog That Everyone Should Read

This beautiful video is a love letter to a special rescue dog named Rothko. He came to his forever home, with Brittany, petrified of humans. He shook when his mom came near. He was far from ready to be a snuggly lap dog, but thankfully his mom remained steady and allowed Rothko to work things out on his own time.


Rothko is Brittany’s first dog. She also had to adjust and build up her confidence, especially when unsure if he would ever trust her. It took Rothko quite a while and lots of doggy patience, but he eventually warmed up to his mom. His first tail wags were everything!


Brittany was soon moving to New York and she was nervous that Rothko would revert to his old ways. His progress was nothing shy of a miracle. He loved to run and play along the beach, swim in the lake, and go hiking. As long as Brittany was by his side, he was invincible!


Once in New York, does Rothko continue to succeed? Especially when he’s around so many other dogs in the midst of the hustle and bustle? See for yourself in the video below. This “love letter” is perfect to share with others, and show them how amazing rescue dogs can be!

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