Wild Elephant Thanks Rescuer Who Break The Pond Wall To Let Him Escape

Wild Baby Elephant Thanks The Rescuer Who Break The Pond Wall To Let Him Escape

A poor wild elephant got stuck in a pond in China while walking and it needed an immediate help. People who saw the incident called the wildlife officials as there were 3 other elephants in the pond!

However, all the elephants were able to get out of the bond, and just one was not able to make it till the rescuers arrived. It was a very hard mission until a great idea came to one rescuer’s mind, which was breaking part of the wall to let the water of bond be out.

It was a great idea as the elephant was able to finally get out! It seemed that the Asian elephant just knew who saved it and gazed at the for more than 2 mins as if it saluted them! Asian elephants are endangered and there are almost three hundred of them in the wild in China! Watch the video below.

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