“Ugly Dog” Believed Her Time Was Up As No One Wanted To Adopt Her

Every doggo is beautiful in its own way. Their beauty might not always be clearly visible, especially if they’ve been treated wrongly for a long time, but you know it’s there from the moment you see them.

Unfortunately, not all pooches have the chance to grow up in a warm home filled with cuddles, care, and love. Some doggies go through horrific experiences of being neglected, abused, and unwanted.

Although it hurts me to see a stray dog, some pups might even be better on the streets rather than with an abusive and irresponsible owner.

sad pitbull sitting on the floor
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A Puppy In Pain

One of the doggos that wasn’t so lucky to be raised in a loving family is Aimee, a Pittie from California that came into the Carson Animal Care Center with severe damage on her skin, which is why she was constantly feeling pain and discomfort.

At just six months of age, Aimee was looking far worse than the majority of older dogs in the shelter, so there wasn’t a big chance that someone would adopt her, especially because of her breed.

Aimee’s physical pain was gone with the right treatments for her skin, but seeing visitors just passing by her in the shelter broke her heart.

But, the staff didn’t want to give up on her. They were aware of all the great things Aimee has to offer her new family, and that if only the right people heard of her, she would already be in her new home.

New Picture For A New Home

pitbull dog lying down on the blanket
Source: Facebook

Considering that people didn’t even notice her in the shelter, the staff came up with the idea of taking a cute picture of Aimee and posting it online.

They took a colorful blankie to give the picture a more cheerful vibe, but the look on Aimee’s face was what immediately attracted a great number of people interested in adopting her.

Her puppy eyes and sad look revealed how much she was yearning for a warm home and a loving family. Soon, her wish came true.

pitbull dog playing with a woman sitting on the floor
Source: Facebook

Aimee’s new family was happy to get another member, but no one could be happier than Aimee – she was running around the shelter so excited when they came to pick her up that she had no idea what she was doing.

The staff from the shelter posted a video describing Aimee’s behavior as a “freedom run”, which it was in a way, considering how much she waited for someone to come and take her home.

As it can be seen from the video, Aimee got a new name as well – Phoenix, which is symbolic considering that she started a new life with a family that will give her all the love and attention she deserves.

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