This courageous dog risked its own life to save its owner when it was bitten by a cobra, ultimately sacrificing its life in the process.

In a remarkable display of bravery, the courageous pet, a Dalmatian named Tyson, valiantly confronted a venomous king cobra to protect its owner. Despite being startled by the encounter, Tyson managed to perform several actions for its owner before tragically succumbing to the snake’s bite.

This heartwarming image captures the heroic act of Tyson, who fearlessly rescued its family from the threat of the poisonous cobra and guided them to safety.

Ameen Sharif of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, was awakened by the sound of an argument and rushed outside to witness the loyal dog Tyson engaged in a fierce altercation with an Indian cobra.

Ameen and his family were unable to intervene as the brave Dalmatian puppy successfully killed the dangerous snake.

However, the family in the photograph stands in astonishment as the dog starts showing signs of illness and appears to be exhibiting symptoms of mental distress.

Upon closer examination, blood was discovered on the left side of the animal’s face, indicating that it had been attacked multiple times.

In a desperate attempt to seek help, Ameen dialed the snake hotline and sent a video clip of the brave dog to expert Subhendu Malli. After examining the footage, Malli confirmed that it was an Indian cobra and urgently advised the family to take the pet to a veterinarian.

Unfortunately, due to the late hour (2 am) and the unavailability of veterinary services, Ameen and his family were unable to receive immediate professional assistance. Tragically, Tyson passed away within 30 minutes of the incident.

Ameen reported the incident to Ommcim Information, stating, “We spotted Tyson battling with a cobra just a foot away from our veranda.” The fleeting moment of serenity and valor was brief but cherished, only to be followed by sorrow as it faded away.

Despite their efforts to contact veterinarians and inquire about an anti-venom dosage for Tyson, they received no response. While they managed to ensure their own safety, sadly, Tyson’s life had to be sacrificed.

Ameen expressed, “Our family will forever remember the dog’s unwavering loyalty and heroic sacrifice.” It is unfortunate that, in the region, there are veterinary hospitals available, but no medical centers dedicated to human healthcare.

Mr. Malli added, “The courageous dog rescued the family from a perilous situation.” However, the fact that a pet dog in Odisha passed away without receiving the necessary treatment highlights the lack of adequate veterinary services in the state.

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  1. Why are all of these people gluing dry beans and peas to their skin, trying to pass them off as a disease?

  2. My only comment is praise that WONDERFUL Puppy Dog!!! But he is NOT an “IT” ! he gave his life to save somebody and should NEVER be referred to as an ” IT “

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