Rescue Dog Doesn’t Like Small Spaces, Till She Finds The Perfect Tent

This story speaks about Snoopy, a cute dog, who usually likes big spaces. But out of nowhere, the dog fell in love with a tent after finding it very inviting to resist.

Kyla McGuire, Snoopy’s owner, said that the dog was so shy, when she was adopted by 5 years ago. She also added that Snoopy is known for liking big spaces, but it was a big surprise for her to find Snoopy falling in love with the tent!

The owner said that for the first few days Snoopy was just walking in the house, but she then started showing her real personality after meeting Loki, her border collie sibling.

But when the tent came to her life, everything changed. The tent’s original use was to keep Snoopy’s stuffed animals in it, but Snoopy really liked it as her own as she loves lying with the stuffed animals.

McGuire said that the tent is now used to make her bond with Snoopy better, and Snoopy uses it as a private playhouse.

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