Mother Cat Calls For Help At The Door

Mother Cat Calls For Help At The Door

For those of you who are watching this video for the first time, I understand that you have many questions about Hanee wearing a harness, as a long-time subscriber, I would like to provide an explanation.

Hanee has been raised indoors since she was young due to her fragile health. After she was neutered…
Sometimes, Hanee comes out to the yard to avoid stress, but once she is outside, she runs around in all directions and it becomes difficult for her owner to control her. As a temporary solution, they decided to use a harness, and I hope you understand their reasons and continue watching the video.
Also, I know some of you are concerned about her being neutered. However, she recently gave birth to kittens unexpectedly, as they were unable to catch her in time. The owner is planning to have her neutered for the well-being of the outdoor cats.



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– I love how she brings each kitten, then takes the time to calm them before going to fetch the other kitten. Animals are smarter than we think. And then she goes back one last time to check if she’s missed any kittens. Ah. So smart.
– I love how she gave each one a bit of attention before going back for the next baby

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